Are Statement Ceilings Making A Comeback

Sometimes, a statement worthy ceiling design is all you need to make your homes feel charismatic and impactful. However, statement ceilings do not mean that you go for a highly patterned and illusory design that ends up stealing the thunder of the rest of the space. You have to be very tasteful yet impressionable with their designs. Here are 5 ideas for inspiration:


1. Working with straight lines

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

Straight lines have an inherent boldness and can translate really well in statement worthy ceilings. They look especially fluent and eye-catching when you’re working with an open floor plan. The ceiling featured in this image is an excellent representation of how you can be inherently classy and bold at the same time with the simplest of geometrical forms.


2. Playing with levels

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Boewe Design

Playing with the levels of a ceiling has such a huge impact on the overall perception of the space. Just dipping the main part six inches below the backdrop surface can make a lot of difference. Just look at this image; the drop level that runs along the center of the ceiling makes the entire space feel luxurious, bold, and incredibly holistic in the grand scheme.


3. The side drop

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Boewe Design

Sometimes, the best way to be statement worthy is to be as simple as possible – after all, nothing is more dynamic than simplicity that evokes the eye to move around. This is exactly the case for the ceiling featured in this image. Although its drop is very marginal, but the way the clusters of LEDs have been installed along with the cove lights ends up having a larger impact thanks to its understated designing.


4. Statement light fixtures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Boewe Design

Statement light fixtures used to consist of only of oversized crystal chandeliers in the past, but these days we have a huge variety that you can choose from. The infinity circle one that is featured in this image is a great example. It is light weight, compact, and perfect for even small spaces. Its presence has been enhanced three-fold (very literally) by highlighting its reflection on the surrounding glass and mirrors.


5. Half levels

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

A great statement ceiling idea is to divide it into two equal levels and have a strip of cove lights run the perimeter. You can either keep both halves plain or layer one up with wallpaper or paint or even a set of track lights. The one featured in this image is plain and looks pretty amazing within its context.


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