Artwork to Enliven your Walls

Art is a method of making sense out of chaos. Artistic expression and tastes provide insight into the thoughts and personality of an individuals. A perfectly crafted art piece can significantly alleviate the beauty and elegance of a design. Below we list some of the most stunning paintings, murals, wall art and art pieces that add a completely new dimension of beauty, uniqueness and elegance to the design.


This design attempts to recreate the rustic feel of a wooden cabin but with a modern twist. The sparkling wood panels on the wall and vinyl wooden flooring all contribute to the elegance of this timeless design. Each element in this room flows perfectly with the whole design but the unique time piece on the wheel provides glimpses of the artistic taste of homeowner in this design. The artistic time piece acts a perfect element of artwork that provides the room with a unique identity. In short a truly ravishing piece that completes the artistic feel of this design.

Artwork to Enliven your Walls (2)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Rezt & Relax Interior)

Typography is an artistic expression that is gaining a lot of popularity. Several modern designs employ typographic artistic pieces to convey a message while meeting the artistic needs of the room and its design. This design is a true representation of such an artistic appeal. The stark simplicity of the room plays perfectly well with the complexity and intricacy of the design. The intricately woven typographic piece conveys a great artistic taste into the room and gives a stunning focal point.

Artwork to Enliven your Walls (2)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Meter Square)

Paintings and Art pieces are amazing ways to expressing the artistic taste and feel of the homeowner but they can never match the personality and unique touch that wall murals can add to a home. This amazing design perfectly represents how amazingly painted wall art or murals can add a personal touch to the whole design while still adding a lot of modernistic beauty and artistic appeal to the home. A perfect design that pays homage to the unique artistic expression of the homeowners.

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(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: I-Bridge Design)

This design attempts to transform the simplicity of this kitchen with these amazing paintings. The row of appetizing and delicious artwork adds a feel of grandeur to a simplistic kitchen. The artwork on the wall truly transform this room while still retaining the innocence and simplicity of the original design. The unique lighting piece in the middle farther enhances the artistic appeal of this room. A simple design with a few unique items sprinkled around create a truly stunning mixture of beauty and elegance.


To conclude the list we present a truly stunning design from Sky Creation who have worked their artistic wizardry in this breathtaking design. Each element in this room screams artistic expression without disruption the natural flow and sense of the room. The amazingly textured wall highlighted by an Array of paintings and Artworks create an artistic shrine that is relaxing to behold. The miniature models near the window create an expression of beauty and artistic fervor. A perfect conclusion to this amazing list that pays homage to unique artistic designs that transform the barren and simple walls to something extra-ordinary.




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