Attention Coffee Lovers: Simple Ways To Add Café Vibe To Your Home

Cafés are fast becoming an essential for the contemporary generation. From student coffee houses to commercial scale coffee shops like Panera Bread and Starbucks, the café aesthetic is becoming more and more homegrown these days. People are definitely inspired by the casual, comfortable vibe of the interior designs implemented in these cafes. So here are 5 ways you can bring the café vibe in your homes.


1. The right color palate

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The café vibe is emulated by a very specific color scheme. You might notice the pinks and yellows and blues in your favorite café, but have you ever noticed the undertones of browns that are subtle but still everywhere? There’s a reason for that actually; brown is one of those colors that has an inherently soothing effect. Therefore, the first step of brining the café vibe in your home is by mimicking the brown undertones in your color scheme.


2. Quirky accessories

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One of the major reasons you find yourself so amused in a café is because of the beautiful accessorizing. No matter what direction you look in, there is always enough visual stimulation. Therefore, you can bring in a similar effect in your homes with the help of quirky accessorizing throughout your interior design.



3. Nice contrasting

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Versaform

Aside from the brown undertones, you need to focus on delivering the best contrast in order to fully emulate the café concept. Just make sure that whatever color scheme you choose is nicely uplifting in contrast with the brown. It has to stand out on its own and leave a nice impression on the user – both in the home, as well as the café.



4. Ambient lighting

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Excellent lighting is always a must for all sorts of interior designs. You can mimic the café vibe in your home by getting inspired from their warm, ambient lighting. You can use track lights or simple LEDs in warm temperature glow to fully capture that warm, friendly aesthetic.




5. Accent lighting

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Versaform


While accent lighting provides the basic overlay for making up a café ambience, the accent lighting is what makes up the atmosphere. Accent lighting can be accomplished in a residential setting by using decorative light fixtures with a limited amount of halo throughout the space.

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