The Best Kept Secret to Storing All Your Seasonal Holiday Decorations

In Singapore we pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive and harmonious multi-racial country. We get to enjoy celebrations of diverse variety of festive holidays throughout the year. With tons of special festivals, one of our national pastimes is going all out to dress up our homes and even offices with festive decorations to make these occasions special and joyous.


Be it wreaths, baubles, and tree for Christmas, paper lanterns and lights for Deepavali, the assortment of auspicious red decorations for the Chinese New Year or the colourful and creative Hari Raya lightings and ornaments, Singaporeans optimize them right down to the smallest detail to create the festivities for the joyous occasion.


Our celebrated street decoration is renowned worldwide that even tourist flocks to our city to enjoy the sights and sounds of the curated decorations beaming with festive ambience. We love taking beautiful pictures of these decorations. They make a perfect background for celebration photos with our loved ones.


Image Source: Straits Times

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During these joyous festive celebrations, homes are also decorated to create the ambience for gathering with family and friends.


After the festive celebration, we are often faced with the reality of finding a space in our home to store these festive decorations which are only used once a year. Christmas decoration includes a large tree, glittery ornaments, fairy lights, and other miscellaneous décor. Similarly, Deepavali, Chinese New Year and Hari Raya also come with their very own special ethnic decorations.

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As we wrap up the celebration and look forward to the next festival, decorative ornaments can accumulate and start cluttering at home. During these times, we start to ponder:


Do you really want to keep these things at home all year round?


How about getting rid of all of them to remove all that cluttering?


But again, it is very wasteful to throw away reusable decorations just to free up space at home.


How do you keep everything and yet at the same time enjoy ample useable space at home?


Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. StorHub is your dream-come-true solution for keeping your homes free of unnecessary clutter. It’s basically a storage away from home that allows you to store all the things you don’t have enough space to keep in your own homes. We can help you with the storage of these festive decorations, so you can still go all out on the festive decorations as you should, without having to worry where to store them after that.


Image Source: Storhub


Image Source: Storhub

StorHub provides a storage space for all sorts of items because they understand that sometimes, we like to keep things that we don’t use on a frequent basis. It’s the perfect place to keep all your festive decorations and more. You can take them out when needed and store them back when the festive season is over. StorHub facilities are built with state-of-the-art security complete with biometric access. There’d be no worrying about the clutter or being wasteful in decluttering – StorHub has got your back for it all.


Image Source: Storhub

There is a total of 11 StorHub locations for your convenience wherever you are located!


StorHub Locations : http://www.storhub.com.sg/singapore/storage-facilities


StorHub is now available on both App store and Play store. Getting a storage unit is now made easier with our brand-new App, now simply place order for self-storage unit in the comfort of your own home.


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