Best Tools To Use When Renovating Your Home

Whether a homeowner is tackling a home renovation solo or an experienced contractor is on the job, the right tools are needed to ensure a smooth and speedy project. When you don’t have all the proper tools, you could experience a multitude of problems that may severely extend the duration of the renovation or cause major injury. It’s better to expect the unexpected, so read on to learn about the tools you need to ensure any home renovation can go off without a hitch!

More Than the Average Tool Box

While the average tool box has most of the tools you’ll need to get started, the more technically difficult tasks may require specialized tools that many won’t find in their garage. Since some tools are a little more complicated to use, it’s a good idea to figure out which of these you may need before starting a project, and talk to your local hardware store about basic operations.


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It might also be beneficial for you to take some local courses or contractor’s seminars to get more informed on the types of tools you need for each project and how to use them. A basic course in home remodeling or blueprint reading also includes essential tips on estimating and safety to help you stay within your budget and keep everyone on the job-site protected and up to code.


Top Seven Tools

Learn about some of the most popular home renovation tools with the top seven best tools to use during your next project. Some of these are your basic must-haves, while others are a bit more specialized.


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1. Stud Finder with a Built-in Level

Don’t underestimate this vital tool! This may sound like a no-brainer, but having a good quality stud finder and level is essential when remodeling. It’s the difference between having straight, evenly spaced elements or an off-kilter mess.



2. Oscillating Multi-Tool

This tool is an essential part of any toolbox – and renovation. It performs common tasks with ease and can be configured to perform the more uncommon ones too. They are also handy to have for the everyday fix around the house. Many of these come with 10 - 15 switchable accessories that can be used for sanding, cutting wood and drywall, grout removal, and more.


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3. Cordless Drill

A cordless drills make any home renovation easier. You won’t be restricted to using an outlet or tons of extension cords, making it easier to moving from room to room and project to project more easily.



4. Pry Bars

Although these are not one specific tool per se, pry bars are crucial for any home renovation that requires a little bit of demolition. It’s better to have too many than too few, so try to find pry bars in all different sizes. Demolition days can turn into anything, so be as prepared as possible with an assortment of pry bars.


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5. Voltage Tester

When a home renovation is happening, there are a lot of moving parts to take into consideration. It’s easy to forget to turn off power to one part of the renovation zone and it’s even easier to have a rogue power source still running once the power has been turned off. Having and using a voltage tester (every time!) is a great way to stay safe during a renovation.


6. Protective Gear

From earmuffs and face masks to coveralls and goggles, proper protection for your ears, lungs, and eyes is crucial to keeping your renovation going. Why risk injury or illness from dust and debris when it’s so easy to get the right tools to keep yourself safe.


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7. Shop Vacuum

While cleanup is an essential ending to home renovation, many newbies assume a broom is all you need. Unfortunately, not all surfaces can be swept. Often, you’ll need to suck debris out of wall cavities, electrical boxes, or crevices, and a vacuum with multiple accessories and hose nozzles.


Staying On Track

Having the right and best tools during a home renovation is the difference between an easy, efficient remodeling project and an expensive, drawn-out disaster. It’s important to use the best tools for any project during a home renovation to ensure the safety of the homeowner and the integrity of the home itself. Choose the best tools and any home renovation project can be a success.




Author Bio:

Shirley Moore is a freelance writer and home renovation enthusiast based in Los Angeles, California. When she’s not writing or renovating, Shirley loves learning more about DIY home projects through classes at her local hardware store and contractor's seminars in LA.


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