Brighten Your Bland Interior Designs With A Green Touch

If you’re a person who loves light, neutral tones, then chances are that your interior design is going to feature an understated color scheme. While there is always an unfettered elegance to such designs, they can end up looking quite bland as a whole. So, in order to keep them from looking too boring, it’s always recommended that you use a few hacks to bring a fresh, contrasting look to your design. Further, we’ll be taking a look at how you can brighten your bland interior designs with a green touch.



1. Savor the artwork & tiny plants

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Earth Interior Design

As you can see, most of this interior design has been done in a neutral grey and white color scheme. However, even with the use of right textures and tactile contrast, there is just something that might have looked amiss had it not been for the green artwork hung on the dining nook. Coupled with the small planters in the center of the table, this tiny design intervention is all you need to add a little visual diversity to an otherwise bland design.



2. Light browns

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Earth Interior Design

This bedroom has been designed in a plethora of various shades of browns and champagne with some textural contrast to keep things interesting. However, if not for the three statement art pieces hung on the feature wall, there would have been no color contrast in the space, which may have made the whole room look very bleak and single-toned.



3. A fresh perspective

Interior Design
Home Renovation Image Source: Earth Interior Design

While the majority of this interior design has been carried out in sleek, grey tones, it’s the beauty of the green themed artwork that truly lends it a fresh look. The various highlights of green have been accented so well within the overall design that the entire living room comes alive with it. Coupled with the teal couch cushions, this whole space looks positively charming.



4. Use your green thumb

Interior Design
Home Renovation Image Source: Earth Interior Design

What’s fresher than actual greens to spice up your boring, monotonous interior designs, right? You can use small indoor plants to make your interiors look inherently fresher. If your kitchen has a window that lets in some sunlight, then you can use that space to raise a small herb garden of your own.



5. With small accessories

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fifth Avenue

One of the most creative and functional ways to introduce a fresh green contrast in your interior designs is by using accessories. As you can see in this bathroom, the towels, soap and shampoo bottles add a fun color contrast to the boring white and glass ambiance.


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