Bring out your inner artist with these 8 awe-inspiring apartments!

Bring out your inner artist with these 8 awe-inspiring apartments

Our surroundings always have the ability to manipulate and define our thought processes. Nowadays, designers are looking to use this fact for building houses that provide the residents a productive space where they can come to terms with their own self. Below are some apartments that evoke and capture the attention of their inhabitants to provide them a stimulating living experience.

1: Eclectic Style

weiken weiken2 weiken3

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source:

This is a very innovative apartment where every detail has been chosen with utmost care. The living room is blessed with the perfect color harmony with brown and yellow elements highlighting the seating space. The exposed walls also add a nonchalant character to the place where you can freely embrace your artistic instincts.

2:  Edginess of Brick

zl zl2

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Z L Construction)

Green carpet flooring, Scandinavian furniture and windows, exposed brick walls – there is plenty to talk about this industrial style interior. As the natural light gushes inside through the large windows, you will find yourself seating comfortably in the living room for hours as your inner artist finds a voice. The artificial lighting is also planned meticulously to help you cherish your stay at the place even when the sun goes off.

3: Cheerful Vibe

projectguru projectguru2

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Projectguru)

Combining the elements from both Scandinavian and Modern styles, this apartment manages to use the plentiful space  available to create large, vacant spaces. This results  in a spatial and visual freedom to help you ruminate over things with a clearer head and a fresh perspective. The secret here is the use of high intensity colours in the lower parts of the apartment which help the predominant whites to fashion the illusion of vastness in an already vast apartment.

4: Scandinavian Apartment Jazzed up by Industrial Design Elements

starry starry2

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Starry Homestead)

This apartment is appropriately named after its colour diversity and their subsequent harmony. The shades of white merge with the gray hues to obtain a feeling of unity throughout the place to create a private and evocative space. There has been no effort devoted on filling the place with embellishments here. Instead, the designers have followed a minimalist approach to highlight the accents of this place and have succeeded spectacularly.

6: Minimalist Modern to Scandinavian Organic

fifthave fifth2

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Fifth Avenue)

Fifth Avenue has worked wonderfully well on this apartment, and it shows. This apartment is a dream come true for any designer if one talks about managing light sources. During the daytime this place adorns a simplistic appearance which brings its Scandinavian elements in focus. And as the day passes along, the lamps appear in their full glory to highlight the warm, industrial appeal of the place. In any way, this is a place that will be your constant companion in any season.

8: Retro Concept

urban urban2

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Urban Design House)

Talking about artistic inspiration, what can be better than Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando on your walls. This apartment from Urban Design House is very much along the lines of a modern styled place, but it chooses to keep away from too many additions to a room that is already perfect. Instead, the designers have chosen such colours for the apartment that help drive the attention towards its impressive artworks. Return to this place when your thoughts get all messed up; and you will feel blissful in no time.


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