Bust Your Home Renovation Blues With Epic WiFi Mesh Coverage

In today’s connected world, Internet and WiFi access are completely essential for our day to day living. What is technology without smooth connectivity, right? The use of technology has become part of our lives as it increases efficiencies, improves mobility and is essential for any smart home.


If you ever experienced a crawling broadband connection or the connection drops out unexpectedly in your home, you are not alone. We understand that agonizing moment of WiFilessness and we feel your pain. Therefore, let us provide you with some tips on how to improve your home WiFi connection.


1. Router Placement

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To enjoy maximum WiFi coverage throughout the home, place the router in a central location so the signal quality is equilateral in all parts of the home. Preferably, place the router within sight of wherever you use the Internet most.


Avoid placing your routers on the floor, but perhaps somewhere within table height to extend the broadcasting range of the radio waves. By doing so, it will help to reduce interferences which may affect your home WiFi coverage. For double story homes, consider mounting the router on a wall, near the stairwell or on a higher level, as radio waves generally spread laterally and downwards.


Also, do not let the placement of your Fibre Termination Point or modem limit you. You can also purchase some Ethernet Cat 6 cable to run the wire to a central location in your home – it’s definitely worth the investment!


 2. Impenetrable obstructions

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Did you know that thick walls and home appliances such as microwave ovens can cause interference with your WiFi network?


Radio waves travel through walls, but keep in mind that the thicker the wall, the weaker the signal on the other side. If your house is fortified with brick or concrete walls, WiFi signals will be dampened by the walls and lose significant strength.


Similarly, if you place your router near glass (fish tanks) and metallic objects (fridge, microwaves), these objects absorb or reflect signals greatly which cause weak WiFi connection. Hence, when placing the router in your home or office, make sure that you avoid such objects. Concrete walls, floor, and metal objects are enemies!


3. Enclosed Spaces

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A wireless router requires open spaces, away from walls and obstructions for maximum coverage. So, while it may seem like a good idea to tuck your router inside a cabinet, a storeroom, a shelf or perhaps right beside the window where the cable comes in, it’s actually illogical as WiFi signals are easily reflected or absorbed.


Seems like a lot to take in? Fret not, Singtel provides WiFi solutions - a range of devices with WiFi Mesh technology that can boost your home WiFi coverage, giving you a smooth and seamless surfing experience in any parts of your home.


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What is WiFi Mesh?

Instead of centralizing WiFi signals from a central router, WiFi Mesh utilises technology that distributes WiFi coverage across multiple Mesh devices to deliver faster and more stable WiFi to every corner of your home. It is easy to set up with no wiring required- just plug and play.


Totally fuss free! Singtel offers WiFi Mesh solutions from $10/month for 2 WiFi Mesh units, sufficient for a 4-room HDB unit. Add on more devices at just $5/month to fit your housing type.


Not forgetting our readers of course! Exclusive for Renopedia’s followers only, Singtel is offering 1Gbps Fibre Broadband at only $42.90/month (24-mth contract) OR 1Gbps Fibre Broadband with WiFi Mesh bundle at $49.90/mth (24-mth contract). Leave it all to Singtel as they provide complete, fuss-free, end-to-end installation, maintenance, and solutions for your Internet needs.


To sign-up call 1688 and quote "Renopedia".

Or send an enquiry by clicking here: https://info.singtel.com/faq-contact-us

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