Busting These 5 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Kitchen designing is a very practical and time consuming tasks, so it’s best to avoid mistakes and set backs from the get go. Here are 5 common kitchen remodeling mistakes and how you can avoid them:


1. Don’t think designing is your job

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As a homeowners, you may feel a certain responsibility about the whole kitchen design scenario, but do remember that designing is a designer’s job. You may think you know your needs the best and that is certainly true to an extent, but you have to understand that the professional you’ve hired to do the job is better acquainted with the market price of materials, knows the best contractors, and better understands whether a certain material you want is going to live up to its potential or not.


2. Small value enhance = Flase

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Simply remodeling the kitchen can have a lot of benefits – especially when it comes to increasing the potential of your property’s resale value. Even when the designing is general at best, adding something new to the property is a total booster in the overall value. The bar for this is set to the scale of modern – the sleeker your kitchens are, the more value they’ll add to your home’s worth.


3. Never cut down the costs

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Cutting down costs on essentials and under-spending on important stuff is an extremely bad example of how to go about your kitchen remodel. All this can cut down on your immediate budget, but it’s a bad investment for the long run. You’ll be compromising on quality, which can cause major problems down the road. You’ll end up having to invest double the amount later.


4. Counter space as an afterthought

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Counter space is the most practical part of a kitchen design, and overlooking its importance can get you into a lot of trouble later. Don’t just think about the placement of sink and the stove/hob while locking down the counter area. Pay a lot of attention to where you’re going to put some of your daily use appliances, where you’re going to prepare your food, and how much counter area are you going to need for all of that.


5. Not asking yourself the purpose

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Many homeowners make the mistake of not determining the purpose and scale of their kitchens. It’s important to know if you cook large meals on a regular basis or if you want to space to be child-friendly or if you’re just remodeling to add value to your resale. All of these facts can have a huge impact on the end result of your kitchen.


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