Caesarstone’s Limitless Applications – Always Your Ideal Choice Anywhere & Everywhere

Caesarstone is a world-class company that manufactures engineered quartz surface. Their products are versatile in not only aesthetics, it provides great function as well. Moreover, they’re durable and resilient with the eco-friendliest materials which is used in their composition.

Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces have multiple uses – from residential to commercial and retail, their engineered quartz is highly being used in all settings. Let’s take a look at several kinds of the product application renderings you can achieve with Caesarstone!

1. Feature Walls & TV Consoles


Image Source: Caesarstone

Caesarstone’s residential applications are the most diverse as you can use it to clad your customized feature walls and TV consoles. Since this quartz is highly resilient, it will ensure longevity of the aesthetic. Needless to say, the look and feel of it is more appealing and unique.

2. Dining Tables

Image Source: Caesarstone

For versatile dining table surfaces, look no further than the Caesarstone collection. The company offers a variety of aesthetically and pragmatically pleasing Quartz surfaces. They look absolutely gorgeous and visually versatile enough to fit in any interior design setting. As you can tell from the dining table which is in the Mizura Showroom, the beauty and grace of its material rendering is truly remarkable.


3. Bathroom Vanities

 Image Source: Caesarstone

Whether it’s a vanity located for bathrooms of a commercial hub or a single and unique piece in a residential setting, Caesarstone surfaces can give you the best applications since their vanity applications are highly stain and scratch resistance. This visual and functional dichotomy is totally one of the best qualities of their products. Let’s take a look of the bathroom vanity which is located in St. Regis, Thailand, you can tell with a glance that they’re beautiful and sturdy after cladding in Caesarstone’s products.


4. Laboratory Surfaces

 Image Source: Caesarstone

Laboratory countertops usually require acid and stain proof material surfaces, and Caesarstone is here to deliver. The image above is one of their products featured in the Twinnings Tea Laboratories in England. The sturdy qualitative nature of engineered quartz is perfectly suited for the rigorous and stringent demands of a lab. Needless to say, Caesarstone deliver their products to several labs all over the world.


5. Stair Treads & Wall Paneling

 Image Source: Caesarstone

Floor and wall surfaces experience a constant wear and tear, so it is extremely important to invest in the best materials to protect such surfaces. Put your worries aside as Caesarstone collection is extremely versatile in application renderings that offers surfaces which is suitable for staircase treads, floor and wall panelling. As you can tell from the Microsoft Office Building in Shanghai, China, the elegance and stoutness of this material is truly stunning.



6. Bars Countertops

Image Source: Caesarstone

The engineered quartz that is manufactured by Caesarstone has limitless applications. Due to its durability and sturdiness, this surface can be used for cladding bars and countertops. It can hold its own against the constant wear and tear that comes with resting elbows and sliding drinks, it also ensures longevity of life against spills and scratches that come with this particular trade. As shown in the image above, the Caesarstone Bar Countertop in the Concetto Brow Agate Steakhouse which is located in the USA, is a great example of both functional and aesthetical rendering.



Now, you should know that there are diverse material renderings that can be achieved by Caesarstone, from kitchen and bar countertop to bathroom vanity or laboratory surfaces, etc. the high quality of Caesarstone products certainly cover your back!

It is just a time for you to decide the type and colors of the stunning quartz that you would like to pick! Let’s visit Caesarstone to solve your problems in a rapid and simple way!

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