Casual V.S. Formal Home Interior Design

It can be very hard to find that balance between too casual and too formal within your home interior design. Everything has to be perfectly curated to suit either one of these styles. However, it should be noted that a fine balance of both casual and formal is what makes the interior design truly interesting. If it is too formal, then the ambiance becomes too stuffy to be relaxed in. and if it is too casual than it becomes hard to entertain guests there. So what exactly does a balanced causal-formal interior space look like? And how can you get that coveted harmony between these two type terms? Let’s find out!


1. Two types of furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Atelier Concept

Mixing and matching is a great way to merge casual and formal aesthetics. It is even better if you can do that through great furniture choice. If a part of your room is decorated with formal furniture, and the other part is decorated with casual furniture then it will become a perfect mix of both. It is even better if the color schemes of both these furniture choices are contrasting. For example, the formal part could be done in tones of beige while the casual part could be done in orange.


2. Personalized but formal

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A great way to work with both the casual and formal concept is by adding a little bit of personalization to the mix. This can be done by working in some photography into the rooms, or even by placing some favorite artworks on the feature wall. If you pair this up with a formal furniture style then the resulting format will look absolutely stunning.



3. Going contemporary


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The casual home interior design format is slowly evolving. The contemporary market is all about creating a fine balance between the casual-formal counterparts of an interior. This can be done by working in a little visual diversity in the interiors. For example, you can decorate with funky and playful furniture in one part, but have at least one formal style accessory to balance out the visuals.


4. Using the bare necessities


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Minimalist Society


You can even design with the casual-formal aesthetic through minimalism. Minimalism is one of those aesthetics that wear casual extremely well. However, you can even incorporate a little bit of formal into the interior design by designing sleek and simple furniture in wooden accents. A small beanbag to the side to add a little formal to the mix.


5. Plush leather furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Hue Concept Interior Design

Leather has a way of enhancing both the casual as well as formal vibe of any interior design. Coupled with the style of furniture it can come off as both. So when you put up a plush leather couch or any other furniture in a space, it will automatically ramp up the casual-formal aspects of that interior design.

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