Charming Table Decor Accessories

Charming Table Decor Accessories

The living room is the most used room in the home, it is an important place in the house which comes in contact with lots of people. A good way to represent the living room is by using a great focal point. The living room needs to look stylish, the coolest way to add style to your room is by placing charming table decor right on your coffee table. There are many of centerpiece that can add beautiful visual to the room but one has to be creative when decorating the living room.

Here we will showcase some of the amazing centerpiece ideas designed by our interior designers.

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Candles either lit or unlit can add warmth to your living room. The candles can add an extra touch of elegance to the center table, candles are most commonly found on the coffee table as a decorative piece. Above picture designed by Oakthree Studio perfectly add the candles to the centerpiece which give the living room a calm ambiance.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Oakthree Studio)

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This above room designed by Space Sense Studio perfectly add beautiful floral arrangement with antique style center table, this gives the room a calm and chic ambiance. These flower arrangement really add up to the look making the living room fresh and lively.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Space Sense Studio)

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A combination of amazing steel vase with potpourri, candle on sleek center table create a great visual and add sparkle to this Victorian style room.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Impression Design)

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The antique style pot vase arrangement designed by JQ Ong gives a unique and creative appearance to the room. These pot vase on a simple coffee table give a boost to the room with its uniqueness.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: JQ Ong)

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These unique style center tables with build-in plant branches work for a dual purpose, first, they work as coffee table second they add nature influence to the room.

Make these themes of center table décor ideas designed by our interior designer part of your own home to add energy to your room.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Thom Signature)



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