Choosing The Best Pastel Colours For Your Home

Pastels are back in a big way in today’s interiors!

Whether you want to give your interiors a new look or just want to add some pastel touch to your home, wonderful emergence of pastels in home design is a great option.

Are you looking for a unique way to design your home with pastel shades?

If yes, then here are a few tips for you that will help you with home designing ideas. You can learn different ways to mix match pastel shades with other items at the home. Have a look!


1. Go bright or soft for bedroom

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt N Relax

A bedroom is a place of relaxation. Therefore calm and pastel colors are the best for it.

Light color like pastel blue on walls work with every other color also you can brighten the room by using bedding of a bit dark shade than pastel blue.

Think about using white cupboards and window panes. Further, make the bedroom look more attractive, accenting it with brighter accessories and wooden floor.


2. Get Pastel kitchen appliances

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt N Relax

Pastel colors are a wonderful way to transform your boring colored kitchen to an inspiring one.

Kitchen appliances are the best way to match the kitchen with the rest of the pastel home interior.  Whether you love pretty pastel blue or pastel green, there is everything available in these shades.

Pastel blue kitchen cabinets with same color refrigerator look just amazing. Color of your kitchen appliances will blend easily with the overall theme of your home.


3. A country cottage style living room

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt N Relax

Whether you want shabby chic interiors or classic cottage style, pastel colors in living room welcome all. Use pastel hues of whites and blues to bring out natural influences in the area.

Stylish hanging lights on the table along with antique paintings on the wall bring out the country cottage look along with the addition of pastels.


4. Upholstered furniture with pastel tones

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Kingsley Interior

Whether you live in an apartment or a bungalow, it's easier to bring style in your living area with the matching of colors with white interior. Place white TV unit and drapes along with  white paint on walls.

Instead of off worrying about the colors, choose dark blue upholstery and furniture that will complement your taste of pastel shades. Moreover, a black rug with white pattern possibly increases the beauty of blue and white space together.


5. A Relaxing living room painted with pastel shades

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Todz’Terior Pte Ltd

All white and grey offer immense peace of mind to you and other members in the house. The living area is a place where everyone including guests spends a valuable time.

A touch of pastel colors in the form of wall paint, accessories and decorative give a soft yet fresh feel to your loving space. Grey sofa and sitting couches blend beautifully with all white in the room.

Pastel cushions and throws of funny shape keep the ambience happening and attractive. Team with black TV unit to introduce texture and interest. 


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