Classic Is The New Black In Neo-Classical Interior Designs

Adding small, restrained classical touches in modern or contemporary style interior designs is what we refer to as ‘neo-classical’ these days. Over the years, it has become a great alternative traditional theme and is beloved by many in the industry. It doesn’t consist of any of the usual classical style suspects – egg-and-dart, Greek keys, wainscoting, lavish ceiling designs and more – but it doesn’t have an understated beauty that is emulated by reinventing the entire classical genre. Let’s take a look at how you can emulate this design style in your own home interior design!



1. An ode to the grand chandelier

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It doesn’t matter if it was the Greek acropolis or the Roman formal – the grand chandelier was one of those ever-present entities in classical interior designs. So when you’re trying to work this theme in modern interiors, you can definitely take inspiration from tradition. A modernized grand chandelier as the centerpiece is a great idea. However, don’t mistake its modernized counterpart as either Chihuly, or even pendent lights. It’s a hybrid of modern materials and traditional aesthetics.


2. Chrome and gloss

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You can definitely interpret a classical overprint over a modern style interior design scheme with the right material finishes. While chrome and high-gloss laminates are as far away from typical classical as you can possibly get, you can certainly emulate the classics by using some tiled finishes and relevant light fixture designs.



3. When tufting never fails

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Tufted furniture is one of the greatest traditional interventions in the contemporary world. It immediately evokes a classical aura in any interior design situation. Be it a simple tufted bed headboard or even a couch or a sofa bed in plush leather, the tufting always emulates a rich, modernized traditional ambience in any interior setting.



4. With your crockery

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A glass decanter full to the brimming with wine is one of the most stereotypical classical images in the world. This is why you can use accessories and even crockery to emulate a very specific classical style aura in your interior design.



5. With an overlay of contemporary

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Weiken.com


Modern overtones in an otherwise classical style interior design deliver some of the best contemporary style aesthetics possible. They’re the absolute best for making the most of a beautiful small-style home interior design that features a hybrid modern-classical interior design style.

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