Classy Bathroom Design – Emphasizing Showers

Sim Siang Choon is a Singapore’s foremost leading brand when it comes to accessorizing bathroom paraphernalia. As the large retail outlets strategically spread throughout the country, Sim Siang Choon becomes a retail outlet which most of the homeowners utilize its product for their home design either for the bathroom or kitchen, etc.

Among all their paraphernalia, one thing remains constant; a good aesthetic, as well as a durable and resilient quality that sets their products at a high bar in the market. Since it is quite a renowned brand, and offer such a wide range of accessories and essentials, residents quite prefer the zany, substantial quality of their products.

Today, we will be discussing the importance of good bathroom design in context of a shower feature, and Sim Siang Choon’s available products that complement the contemporary aesthetic.

A good bathroom design is one of the hardest home design features to come by. Most bathrooms are allocated the ‘left over’ space during architectural planning, so it is mostly the job of an interior designer to make the best of that space while still retaining its inherent character. If it is too wide, make it sensible, and if it’s too small, then make it look larger. But the essentials of these designs remain the same – the vanity, the shower and the porcelain. These essentials are what Sim Siang Choon provide.

Specifically focusing on shower designs, there is a surplus of variety for a single piece facet and jet spray. The design can be square-ish, rectangular or circular, depending on the kind of aesthetic you’re trying to go for. The image below shows the chrome plated, square shower fixture – one of the best designs in the Sim Siang Choon catalogue – against the backdrop of a contemporary black backdrop that gives it a purely modern feel. The design is multifaceted and offer great pragmatism – the spray offers great water pressure and the design itself is easy enough to handle.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sim Siang Choon

On the other hand round jet shower is set in an ambiance that goes in stark contrast against the one portrayed above. The white backdrop is quite Zen looking, with a minimalist aesthetic that leans towards modern. The chrome plated Sim Siang Choon Shower fits right in with this evenly deployed theme, proving that no matter what the setting, this brand is up to task.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sim Siang Choon

To conclude, we hope you find the bathroom paraphernalia of your choice in the Sim Siang Choon catalogue.

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