Clean Design: The New Kid On The Block

Clean design is a relatively new interior design theme. The motto - ‘less is more’ is the clean design aficionados; however, it doesn't mean that you cannot add a few homely touches in the mix.

Since Clean Design is quite similar as Minimalism, and people find it difficult to spot, we are going to show you the difference, and some major characteristics of the Clean design palate. Do check it out!

In this post, there are some key characteristics of this design style to help you for better understanding.


1. Smooth materials and surfaces

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One of the defining characteristics through which you can identify Clean design is an abundance of large, smooth surfaces. These can be wooden, laminates, high-gloss or eve matt – but use them on straight, boxy designs for them to properly emulate the Clean aesthetic. If there is too much decoration or interruption within these surfaces, the ambiance automatically becomes very cluttered.



2. Showcasing the intent

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Another key defining characteristic of clean design is that it showcases the intent of the space with its furnishings and décor. Not a single line is out of context, and this becomes a major part of the overall design. For example, a living room may feature a modernistic sofa set and coffee table and nothing more.



3. Focus on detailing

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When there is so little to work with when it comes to the overall interior aesthetic, it is only right to focus on the details. Note that by ‘details’ we mean décor that matches the ‘clean’ context of this design aesthetic. You cannot very well be setting up a tiffany lamp on a cleanly designed bedside table. Neither can you be decorating your study desk with ornate photo frames. Remember; the simpler, the better!



4. Understated designs

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From the colors to the materials and even the décor, everything should be understated. This lends the ambiance a very authentic and elegant atmosphere that is extremely sophisticated. This also applied to the overall design! do not go overboard by designing too much in too little of space – be smart about your space and aesthetics.



5. A balance of form and function

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Unimax Creative

When it comes to Clean design, you are actually deriving the form out of the function. There is no significance given to one over the other. For example, a light fixture will showcase an excellent camaraderie between the form and pragmatics of the design by being true to its function. This is why clean design is very ‘to-the-point’ and succinct.

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