Clean Sweep With Minimalism

The minimalist style is becoming quite popular during the last decade. It captures the clean austerity of the modern look with lovely elements and people absolutely adore it. Needless to say, this style features a clean, sophisticated look that effortlessly exudes an elegance. In this post, let's see how the Swiss Interior accomplished a clean sweep with the minimal aesthetic in all the best ways!


1. Shelving

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Swiss Interior

Shelving is always a major defining characteristic of any interior design. it is all-encompassing and literally everywhere in the home. A shelf designed in a minimal aesthetic not only offers a clean, sophisticated look, but it also adds a decluttered aura to the overall ambience. Designing a shelf in this style is the very first step in the right direction and the Swiss Interior team has done an exemplary job.


2. The overall ambience

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Swiss Interior

From the floor to the ceiling and everything in between, the minimalistic approach is pretty hard to carry out in any interior setting. You always have to walk that fine line between too much and too little. Your spaces have to be filled with only the bare necessities, but also have to feature that understated welcoming look. The Swiss Interior team managed exceptionally well in translating this style in the overall ambience of this HDB interior deisgn.



3. Accessories

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Swiss Interior

Generally, there is a limit to the amount of accessorizing you’re allowed to carry out in a minimalist interior design. As you can see, it is a brilliant move that the team carefully controlled clutter on minimally designed shelving units. The overall look of such accessorizing is absolutely brilliant and staves off the starkness that will have plagued this interior design otherwise.


4. Doors

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Swiss Interior

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Swiss Interior

Who said you can’t be creative with minimalistic door designs? The double leaf sliding doors which are used in this HDB interior design are a testament to how something as subtle and underrated as a door design can contribute to the overall aesthetic of a successful interior design.



5. Small spaces

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Swiss Interior

The minimalist style is extremely relevant in spaces that are decidedly smaller in outlook. The study room in this image is a great example of this particular setback that the minimal style designing has rectified. The simple, straightforward and modernized designing makes the smallest of spaces look humanized and fit for use – as is the case with this tiny study room.


6. Understated textures

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Swiss Interior

Last but not the least, the minimalist style is quite reminiscent of understated luxury. It captures that sleek sophistication that can only be translated with simple porcelain tile textures and straightforward fixture designs. The Swiss Interior team has done a great job in articulating that underrated lavishness in every aspect of this HDB interior design.

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