Common Bathroom Vanity Design Mistakes Debunked

The vanity is basically the center-stage of a bathroom, and has to be designed in a way that respects its high standing within this particular room. Here are 5 common vanity design mistakes and how you can avoid them:


1. Double is a must

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Many homeowners believe that having a double vanity is an absolute must – especially when you have a big family. While the functional consequences of this venture are partially fine, you must never forget to consider the size of your bathroom. Ask yourself this: can the scale of a double vanity fit into the amount of space you’re allotting it? Or is it just going to be overwhelmingly large.


2. Do you have enough storage

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Simple slab vanities are all well and good, until you’re faced with the dilemma of where to put the fresh towels and where to stow away your requisite bathroom paraphernalia. So instead of lamenting your design related decisions after, it’s always better to go for a vanity that has sufficient under-cabinet storage where you’ll be able to keep all your stuff safe and out of sight.


3. Do you need to be stylistic

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While getting stylistic with your vanity design may sound like a good idea, there are certainly a few things that you have to keep in mind. It’s totally redundant to poke open shelves and trendy cabinets in your vanity when there is no room at all to experiment with. Such designs work really well when the space is large – especially when you have a double vanity – but if its small to begin with, you’re just going with the wrong flow.


4. The dilemma of over and undermount sink

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The sink the most important part of the overall vanity design and its selection has to be especially strategic for the whole thing to feel truly visually appealing. However, do not forget to consider functionality. For example, if you’ve got a family with elders or children, then the over-mount sink can be a bad option as it is too tall and uncomfortable to use for most of them.


5. Do materials and fixtures matter

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The fixtures that are installed on the vanity do contribute a lot in shaping up its aesthetic – especially when paired up with the right material. One common mistake made by many homeowners is that they tend to get matchy-matchy with the vanity materials and surrounding tiles. It’s best to avoid that at all costs and go with contrasting materials.


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