Common Home Design Myths Debunked

Renovating your house can be a harrowing task, and many things you come across on the internet can make it even more stressful. Of course, some of the tips and tricks you find all over the internet apply to general spaces. But many of these can also ring a false alarm when it comes to your own homes. So below, we’ll be looking at 5 common home design myths debunked:


1. Small room for small furniture

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While it’s true that oversized furniture can seem overwhelming in small rooms, it can feel the opposite when done by expert interior designers. The trick is to scale everything right. Not everything has to be large and disproportionate to the room’s size – just a single statement furniture pieces (such as the bed or the sofa) are enough to add charisma to the entire ambiance.


2. No colours in neutral other than neutral

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The neutral colour scheme is highly appreciated by homeowners all over Singapore and beyond. But the common myth dictates that you can’t use any other colours in it. That’s completely false: you can use one or two high-contrast colours in a neutral themed interior design to make it feel interesting. Just make sure that this use of colour is contained and highly statement worthy to be truly effective.


3. No more than one focal point

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A rookie homeowner creating more than one focal point in their home interiors can lead to disastrous results, which is where this particular myth originated from. But in the hands of an expert, more than one focal points can make a space feel intriguing and visually dynamic. You can use practical objects such as chairs, curtains, and décor to create various eye-catching focal areas throughout the room.

4. Too much white becomes impersonal

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

White is a colour that emulate pristine austerity. It makes the space feel new and breezy. It’s a stark colour, but if you manage it with the right materials – such as wooden floors, dark furniture, and warm lighting – it’s never going to feel impersonal at all.


5. You need picture windows for the best light

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: De Exclusive Interior Group Pte Ltd

No, you don’t need picture windows for the best light. In fact, small windows make just as much of a difference. L-shaped windows are the best. But natural light in any and every format is simply welcome. Therefore, even if you’ve got a small window in your homes, you can definitely make the most of it with some mirror décor management and classy window treatments.


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