Complementary and Contradictory

Complementary and Contradictory

Any kind of designing is all about balancing out the aesthetics and functionality of an aspect – both of these activities might seem like contradictory negotiations but it is the job of a designer to pick and choose the most important aspect of each given context and create a compromise that is applicable and authentic at the same time.  Similar is the case with interior designing – we are given the contexts of pragmatism and aesthetics and are bound by all the predetermined results that it can offer. So it is the job of the interior designer to break boundaries within an already set context by playing with all the old sets and rearranging them to create new ones. These sets consist of, but are not mutually exclusive to contrasts, colors, accents, materials, textures and all relative design principles. What a designer decides to do with all these within the context of a given space, and taking in consideration the functional integrity of that area is how a successful interior design is created. In relation to these, all aspects of an interior design scheme are always both complementary and contradictory at the same time. Knowing how to create the perfect blend of the two is the chief job a designer. Keeping all of this in mind, we will be looking at a few interiors that have the complementary and contradictory palate down pat, today.

1. Red, Yellow and Green

Primary colors make the best contrasting companions when it comes to designing interiors and this one has it down pat – with the red, baroque looking chair pieces, the backdrop of a yellow/orange painting and a green LED light effect to boot, this interior has managed to contradict and contrast in the best possible way.

Complementary and Contradictory (1)

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Matrix Interior

2. Monochrome

Black and white are an elegant hue set, and the best psychological as well as metaphorical complementary contradictions ever. This bedroom makes the best of its monochrome scheme by layering on the contrast and amping it up by relative lighting techniques.

Complementary and Contradictory (2)

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design

3. Banana Boat

This blue and yellow interior scheme might be reminiscent of a beach front, and rightly so – it does have a beautiful, sun shiney appeal to it. The combination of dull and bright is achieved by strategically balancing out the visual vibrancy scale and topping it off with the right accessories.

Complementary and Contradictory (3)

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Wolf Woof

4. Yellow and Green

While most of this scheme is carried out in neutral colors, it is the liberal use of green and yellow that becomes the highlight of this particular interior. The match is so contradictory, yet so complementary that the eye can’t help but stick.

Complementary and Contradictory (4)

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Wolf Woof

5. Red and Bold

If the red in this interior were to be used in a hue that were just the tiniest bit lighter, the entire aesthetic would have turned out to be unacceptably garish. However, the tonal dissonance of this particular interior set is groundbreaking-ly moderate.

Complementary and Contradictory (5)

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: I-Bridge Design Pte Ltd

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