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Taking on a condo interior design project can feel daunting for many condominium owners.

Aside from making sure you have the design elements down pat, you also have to adhere to house developer guidelines and make do with limited space without compromising your dream interior design.

Fortunately, Renopedia has access to a wide network of condo interior designers to help with your renovation–plus all the products and services you would need!

Thus, whether you are renovating resale condos or looking for a new HDB unit, you can confidently proceed to renovate your space.

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Condo Renovation Tips for Small Condo Apartments

Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors are a great addition to any small space as they create an illusion of depth. They also reflect light, which can make a room appear larger.

To maximize their effect, be sure to keep them near a light source so that they can reflect the light and create a brighter and more open atmosphere in your condo unit.

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Invest in good lighting

The lack of natural light sources is a common problem among condos, especially for smaller units.

Investing in good quality lighting fixtures can work wonders in opening up your space and creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

Where you put them is also important. Don’t take up valuable floor space; instead, utilise your walls to mount them up.

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Arrange your furniture with your small condo interior design in mind