Contemporary Home That Fit For Royalty

The word that comes to mind when you think of royalty is ‘grand.’ But the era we live in is extremely short on real estate. Singapore has been one of the most influential hubs of innovative small-style architecture and interior design schemes. But even with clever designs, how can one possibly infuse a sense of grandness and opulence in a small space without going overboard? It’s definitely possible, and here are 5 simple ways you can do so!



1. Understated luxury

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Since we’re talking about small spaces here – mostly HDB flats – you have to keep your scale proportionate. This means that you cannot go full on Baroque. Instead, you have to make an impact through understated luxury. The simplicity and elegance of such an aesthetic is carried through because of its plainness, but the luxurious aspect definitely imbues a small grandness into the ambience as well.



2. Get creative with wall treatments

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Since full blown pilasters and wainscotings – which used to be the norm in the past in order to evoke a sense of grandness – are going to be too much design fluff in too small a space, you have to go for something more neat and clever. A wallpaper that carries out a Baroque style theme can look absolutely amazing. You can even go for hybrid classical-contemporary furniture, and even a grand chandelier if the space calls for it.



3. Pull out all the stops

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There is no better way to imbue a small-scale grand vibe in your interior designs than using some classical-revival tufting. You don’t have to do it on rich fabrics like velvet or suede. In fact, you can simply carry out the same effect with the help of something as modern as leather.



4. A rich color scheme

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Color schemes are always essential when you’re trying to create a certain mood. You cannot go grand with hot pink and neon oranges in your interior design. But if you use decadent colors such as burgundy, black, silver and browns, you can end up getting a rich, plus effect that can convey a sense of rightful grandness even on a small scale of interior design.



5. The importance of fixtures

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Fixtures and furnishings are an important part of how you can synergize your entire concept. Your fixtures have to be simply proportionate enough to complement the rest of the ambience that you’re trying to build. It’s a great way to bring in a sense of harmony within the whole design.

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