Contemporary Zen

Contemporary Zen

The ideology of Zen is a vast field of philosophy the gist of which is that the human mind achieves peace and a sense of grounding by decluttering all aspects of life. Its etymology lies in the Japanese ways, and its characteristics are best defined by the Japanese applications. The way it translates into interior design is by minimizing on unnecessary aspects of design and focusing on the element of a quiet sort of privacy that is enmeshed in a cozy yet grounded color scheme, along with a sense of content. These are abstract feelings, and conveying them into a space is a very challenging task. The juxtaposition of abstract concepts into physical design needs to be subtle and seamless. A Zen interior would incorporate a calmness that is integral to the very essence of this ideology. So today, we will be taking a look at a few interiors that try to imitate the Zen way of life in their designs.

Paper Separations and Earthy Browns

Open spaces are appreciated in the Japanese culture, along with the use of wood and complicated patterned sliding doors with rice paper covering – called shouji’s. This interior style tries to emulate the concept of Zen by using pull down chik design that acts as a temporary separation when you are in the mood. The otherwise open plan format of this space is definitely welcoming and allows for a well-rounded interior demarcation. The backlit ‘O’ symbol at the headboard is one of the most standout feature of this design while simultaneously building up an identity, or visual center for this space.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Juz Interior

Another take on this design shows just how much impact a color selection and various lighting patterns can have on a design. The same room seems like a contemporary dream in natural light, but the sense of infinite stability is still there, mostly because of the earthy brown color scheme that acts as an absorbent for this interior space. Natural light does not reflect off even the glazed surfaces, and so the overall impact of this particular Zen scheme is almost peaceful and relaxing for the eye. The floor finish is another part of the inherent charm of this interior – it acts an organic feel to the otherwise contemporary ambiance, and works well to counter the whiten parts of the color palate. This contrast is as welcoming as it is alluring.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Juz Interior


Inside the Box

The charm of this interior lies in the subtle nuances of its design. The space is small, but the layout does not interfere with the logistics of this space. Part of the color scheme is dark, but the other part is light enough to balance out the scales – a nice, Zen blend.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Juz Interior

Closet spaces

Closets are very rarely properly designed, and this one hits all the right marks when it comes to simplicity. There are no complicated wardrobes or Lazy Susan’s in this one – just an abundance of standardized, elementary simplicity.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Juz Interior


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