Cook Smart & Fast With OBRO’s Intelligent HDX2 Hood & Hob

These days, smart homes are not only limited to automated blinds, security systems, lights, and thermostats – OBRO (Singapore’s first company to introduce downdraft cooker hoods) has now introduced the cooking system of the future and it’s taking the world by storm.


Video Source: OBRO International


The HDX2 is an integrated cooker hood and induction hob system specially designed to suit contemporary needs. It has a very sleek and slim design, which transform your ordinary kitchen into a modern and chic space. Coupled with its smart operation system and space-saving compact body, you’ll totally get your money’s worth and more with this appliance.


Image Source: OBRO International


Let’s take a look at some of the qualities each part has to offer:


1. Downdraft Cooker Hood

Image Source: OBRO International

OBRO’s Downdraft Cooker Hood is directly built into the counter, and you can use the handy touch controls to take care of any unsavory smells or smoke in your kitchens. Not only does it offer a great performance (750m3/h & 1000m3/h), but it has been designed to accommodate the Asian cooking style. It also has an in-built safety feature and requires minimal maintenance. You can connect it to your integrated smart home system for remote operation as well.


2. Induction Hob

Image Source: OBRO International

Induction hobs heat the cooking utensils electrically instead of using thermal conduction. The process is carried out with magnetic induction, and OBRO’s 2 zone hob is one of the best you’ll find in the marker. It’s made from fast cooling SCHOTT GLASS and has an intelligent low power heating technology that allows you more control. It also has 9 power stage settings and a booster function. You can control it with a sensor touch and it even has a child safety lock as well as an auto switch off system.


3. RF Remote Control System

OBRO’s HDX2 system comes with a Radio Frequency remote control technology which allows it to be integrated with your smart home systems. With it, you can even link it to a voice command device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your kitchens, then the HDX2 system is the perfect appliance to go for!

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