Country Style Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Country style Scandinavian interior is all about comfort and charm. It pleases the eye with a pleasant combination of colours and patterns in your house. The interior in this style looks attractive and unique at the same time.

Since there are a lot of elements that articulate the Country style Scandinavian space, we’ll help you with some interior design ideas that will help you in many ways.


1. Go For White, Charcoal Gray, And Metallic Accents For Kitchen

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When it comes to clean and uncluttered kitchen design, the Scandinavian theme is the best. Keep the palette to a specific range of whites, wood and charcoal gray for a balanced contrast without compromising on design.

In terms of texture, you can use a different material for different surfaces in kitchen. For example, you can use white shade for kitchen cabinets and walls. For centre area and dining table you can use wood similar to the above image.


2. Stylish, Clean And Beautiful Staircase

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Country style interior is simple at heart, and this is true with staircase as well. You can give your stairs a stylish touch with unique patterns while keeping the design clean and simple. How?

There are two parts of stairs one is vertical, and the other is horizontal, so, when you want a Country style Scandinavian interior you can use different patterns for every step. Keep the horizontal space whole white while using different designs for vertical steps throughout the staircase. Take the idea of designing from the above image.


3. Use Light Shades in The Bedroom

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A neutral or light colour palette in the bedroom can serve as a base for richly layered interior in your home. Plain textures as well as finishes contrast and complement, delivering a country-style interior design in which every detail matters. If you want to design your room in a similar way, then use of colours like light gray, white and light wood will fit best.

Keep backside wall of bed in gray and use white for the ceiling or sidewalls. For floor to ceiling cupboards you can go for light wooden shade.


4. Scandinavian and Country Styled TV Unit

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The TV unit design does not only offer space to your television but also help you with many other functions. You can store your gadgets, accessories and more in the cabinets on TV unit. It is an entirely versatile design that comes with a series of open shelves, closed cabinets, and custom storage options.

If you want a design that matches your Scandinavian theme then the white colour is perfect for your TV unit. Keep the floor of living room light and complement your TV unit with some wooden base to make it look more stylish and attractive.


Final Thoughts

Country style Scandinavian home interior never goes out of fashion and is always make your home look clean as well as attractive. So, design your house in a way you like with the help of above mention ideas.


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