Create a Timeless and Stylish Bathroom with GROHE’s New Atrio


Designing a perfectly functional yet stylish bathroom has always been a necessary yet tricky business.

One of the greatest challenge is to find the right fittings that blend in harmony with your desired bathroom style.

With the concept of flexibility yet timeless design in mind, GROHE has come out with its latest collection, GROHE New Atrio.

Let’s dive in to find out more of its key features!


1. Timeless and Elegant Design

Image Source: GROHE

Sleek and striking, GROHE New Atrio is one statement-worthy piece to include in your bathroom. Drawing inspiration from the simple yet elegant geometric form – the circle – be confident that in years to come, its design will still be as iconic as ever.


2. Non-restrictive design


Image Source: GROHE

The multi-faceted design of GROHE New Atrio makes it the perfect complement to every scale of design scheme. From contemporary, cosmopolitan to even classic, it fits impeccably into the heart of each bathroom style. Now you can design without any restriction!


3. Two types of ergonomic handles


Image Source: GROHE

Looking for even more design possibilities? GROHE has got you covered!

GROHE New Atrio comes with 2 types of ergonomic handles; the signature cross handle and the elegant lever. Both designs feature “H” and “C” markings on the handles to regulate the water’s temperature and volume.


4. Exquisite Finishes


Image Source: GROHE

We all know that quality of the finish plays a vital part in design strategy, which is why GROHE New Atrio is available in 2 exquisite finishes; the diamond-like shiny chrome and the sophisticated matte SuperSteel.


5. GROHE PVD Technology

Image Source: GROHE

No discussion of GROHE fittings would be complete without mentioning their Phyical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology.

This state-of-the-art technology ensures that the Supersteel surface is 3 times harder and 10 times more scratch resistant than chrome, allowing it to be cherished for a lifetime.

With its timeless yet elegant design and flexibility, GROHE New Atrio is unquestionably the perfect addition to your next bathroom project!

Image Source: GROHE

Now that you’ve seen what GROHE New Atrio has to offer, it’s time to head down to the store for some shopping.

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