Creatively Turn Your Tiny Home Into A Fulsome Home

Did you know that your tiny and limited space can be converted into a veritable Dream Home? You just have to educate yourself with the right design hacks, and pretty soon, it’s going to feel like you’re living in your own private hotel suite. From classy decoration ideas to clever storage hacks, everything can be used to create a fulsome home. Today, we’ll be sharing 5 ideas with which you can turn your tiny and limited space into a fulsome home.


1. Bring in the cityscape

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The urban landscape of Singapore is the usual scenery that residents get to enjoy from their home. While it may not be completely ideal, it is definitely recommended that you make the best of this scenery. Designing a feature window that gives you a splendid view of the city itself can make even your tiny flat like a 5-star hotel suite.


2. Elegant furnishings

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Please do not go frou-frou with your furnishings if you have limited space. Keep everything simple and sweet – especially the furniture. The more simple your furniture, the more suited your aesthetic is going to be for the small space.


3. Organize your chaos

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Did you know that ‘organized chaos’ is actually a pretty impressive look? It’s attractive in a clean, minimalistic way. It can make the space seem wide and spacious. You can introduce it in your home interiors to keep all the clutter out of sight and out of mind.


4. Transparency by design

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Transparency by design can be quite challenging to accomplish. It basically means that you have to create visual connections between all the spaces in your interior design. Take this kitchen interior for example; it allows one end of the backsplash to be removed in lieu of creating a transparent window.


5. Dual storage space

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When your real-estate is small, you have to start getting clever with the overall designing. Take a look at this shoe closet – it’s housed inside a clever electrical unit. It saves a lot of space and allows the users to store their essentials without any hassle at the same time.


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