Decorate Your Home In Style With Efenz’s Hugger Fans From Kith Collection

When you think about modern home design, you might think of natural shades, a sleek kitchen, and the latest drapes - but what about the ceiling fan?


There is no doubt that ceiling fans are great at keeping the temperature of any room down and the air flowing in your home. But, did you know Efenz’s Hugger ceiling fans are a great option for matching unique interior design elements in your home too?


The new Hugger Version from the Kith Collection is not only remote controlled, but has over 60 colour combinations, and comes in a variety of shapes and materials that can suit your every need. Furthermore, the ceiling fans are available in five different sizes ranging from 34” to 60” for pre-order to match any type of home.


If you’re looking to create the perfect ambience, the Efenz’s Hugger fans can also come with a dimmable LED option that can either illuminate your home or emit a light iridescent glow for those intimate moments - no light options are available as well!


Furthermore, each Ultra Slim & Anti-Rust fan comes with a ECM DC 155 Motor lifetime warranty, along with a 36 months on-site warranty for LED & remote control. Our fans are not only energy efficient, it will most definitely upgrade the looks of your space.


Isaac 523 WH LED (HG52)

Image Source: Efenz Ceiling Fan

With a modern industrial design, our Efenz ceiling fan is both incredibly quiet and stylish. From a cozy bedroom room to the great living room, Efenz fans offer you the best airflow option for your space. Its sleek three blades will match with any colour of the ceiling and works as a unique decorative piece in your home.


Isaac 523 BK LED (HG)

Image Source: Efenz Ceiling Fan

Elevate the design of your space with Efenz’s various finishing options. This full black selection will complement any modern or monochromatic space in your home. Our ceiling fans from the Kith Collection may have a new look, but the unique features of our DC powered fan remains the same.


Isaac 523 NP NL (HG82)

Image Source: Efenz Ceiling Fan

For a more fresher feel in true Scandinavian style, our Natural Pine with White finishing would be perfect for the minimalistic home.


Isaac 523 MW LED (HG)

Image Source: Efenz Ceiling Fan

Taking inspiration from nature, the maple wood shade of this ceiling fan is suitable for small as well as large spaces. Equipped with a powered DC Motor and anti-rust material, it will help you to save energy and feel like there’s always fresh breeze in your home.


Isaac 523 MNT NL (HG85)

Image Source: Efenz Ceiling Fan

Every Efenz ceiling fan is made up of an ABS material, from the top of the hugger cover down to the blades. With these anti-rust properties in the material, easy maintenance of your new fan is possible! You can also control the speed of this fan by remote. Our energy-efficient fans come with aerodynamic inspired blades and dimmable LED tri-colour light temperature feature, enabling you to create the perfect ambience.

Final words

If you want to decorate your home in style and save utility bills, then our Hugger fans from Kith Collection are a great option for you. Get yours now!

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