Defy The Typical Living Room Interior With These 5 Unique Ideas

Typical living room designs are as boring as they are unconventional. Nobody gets impressed by the typical couch formation and that statement chair everybody uses in their newest renovation. So today, we’ll be featuring 5 unique living room design inspirations you can use to defy the typical living room aesthetic!



1. Taxidermy and tradition

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: A+Z Creative

This living room defies the typical aesthetic by bringing something new and unique to the table. The taxidermy moose head is the obvious center of attention, but the traditional chandelier and media wall design also contribute towards the stunning visuals. The warm color palate is complemented by the edginess of the exposed brick wall and the comfortable furniture completes the casual-yet-classy look of this space.



2. Transitional with a twist

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: A+Z Creative

Typical living rooms only present a boring first impression and this one breaks the mould by featuring a unique, transitional design style. The merging of traditional and modern elements is seamless, and makes the whole space look like a well-blended cocktail of modern and classical. The full visuals keep the eye moving from one design element to the other, and even the furniture layout is an ode to vintage-retro style.




3. Starry ceiling

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Project File Pte Ltd

The most unique thing about this particular living room is its ceiling design. A cluster of suspended Edison bulbs constitute the major part of its aesthetic, while the strategically dark color scheme has been chosen to keep the lighting refraction to a minimum. The trendy combination of black and gold with funky accessorizing definitely makes this living room designs one of the absolute best ones!




4. Keeping it classy

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: A+Z Creative

There is a definite art to making sure that the classy look does not come off as boring, and this swanky living room interior completely fits the bill on making that happen. The understated color scheme makes sure that the wall and furniture detailing look absolutely tasteful, while the gold lighting brings out the best in every design element used within the space.




5. Multiple accent pieces

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: A+Z Creative

Who says you can only have a single accent piece in your living rooms? This image shows an interior design that uses more than one, and still comes off looking quirky and elegant. The large chair, the baby piano and the quirky light fixture all complement the otherwise understated furnishings, materials and colors. The overall look is truly charming.

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