Design ideas for using natural light as a décor element

While designing our home interiors, there are a ton of factors that we always take into consideration. These include colours, materials, functionality and more – however, there’s one thing that mostly ends up getting waylaid in lieu of more important factors: natural light. Let us assure you that it is just as important as any other design element in your home, which is why today we’ll be sharing a few design ideas you can use to emulate it in your homes.


1. Framing the view

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Windows and occasional doors are what let natural light into our homes in the first place, so its only right that they be embellished properly. A nicely designed window or door can not only emphasize the view outside, but they can also help you altercate and control the amount of natural light that comes into your homes. You can tweak window frames, go for French windows and opt for other customizations for maximum effect.


2. Whites with occasional pops

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When you’re using natural light itself as a design element, then it’s only right that you ensure it is featured in the best of its capacity. We’re sure you all know it already, but white colour has certain light reflecting qualities that can go a long way in brightening up your homes with natural light. You can embellish with bold contrasting colours to make the ambiance more interesting.


3. Sheer curtains

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If you love the filtered and opaque look, then you need to go for sheer curtains as a design element. They’re unique, trendy, and can even be tinged with colours and patterns as long as the fabric is sheer. They effectively help diffuse and control the amount of natural light admitted into your spaces, and can be used as an excellent design element.


4. Transparency

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Making your homes as transparent as possible is a key factor to consider when you want natural light in your spaces to be far reaching. You can accomplish this by going for half-walls and extensive use of transparent glass in your interior designs. These elements can be customized, and are definitely look stylish.


5. Smoke and mirrors

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Lastly, a great way to use and distribute natural light in your home interiors is by extensive use of mirrors. They can either be tinted or normal, but the effect of reflection always ends up making any space look cheerful, bright and spacious.


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