How to design an industrial-rustic magazine-spread home interior of your own

The industrial-rustic style is the latest in a line of popular interior design trends that have taken Singapore by storm. It features the best of both the rustic and industrial style aesthetics, so if you’re a fan of either homely comfort and distressed, stylish industrialist outlook, then you’re in for a treat. Today we’ll be looking at how to design an industrial-rustic magazine-spread home interior of your own!


visit this page 1. Slit windows and stylish furnishings

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What makes the industrial-rustic style so unique is that it has this stylish yet cozy ambiance that never fails to suck you in. The horizontal slit window with the extended sill and the beautiful, trendy furniture in this image are a great example of how you can utilize the best of both styles in a single, unique and highly distinguished interior design.


8emes rencontres convergences sante hopital  2. Merging materials Interior Design site de rencontre les mieux notésHome Renovation Image Source: Meter Cube Interior

Since the industrial-rustic style is an amalgamation of two very distinct styles, you can translate it best in a single space by merging the most dominantly used materials in both of them. This kitchen interior design takes the wood from the rustic end and the concrete and chrome from the industrial end to deliver a highly exquisite space!  3. Simplicity, lighting and colors Interior Design conocer mujer indiaHome Renovation Image Source: Meter Cube Interior

The industrial-rustic style features a very dichotomous execution that highlights simplicity, bold colors and exquisite lighting. Take this bedroom design as an example – it features warm hued bed covers that gorgeously contrast the minimalist industrial inspired backdrop. The stunning light fixture with its warm, incandescent glow completes the whole look.  4. Being simple but unique

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One of the most important things to remember while designing your own magazine-spread industrial-rustic style interior design is to walk that fine line between simplicity and uniqueness. This bathroom interior is a great example of this technique, where the vanity and other fixtures are quite plain and yet feature a highly impactful design!


 5. Relevant accessories

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Once again, since the industrial-rustic style is dual, you have to find accessories that suit and represent both of the styles to ideally articulate it in your homes. The stunning wooden mirror frame and the beautiful pendent light in the image are an excellent example of how you can select complementary yet contrasting accessories of both kind.


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