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Founded by three right brainers.

We believe the essence of interior design will always be about people and their lifestyle.

We believe that form and function should be fused, joined in a spiritual union.

Therefore, be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.

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| Address: 6A Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276472

| Tel: +65 6402 6306

| Website: https://www.hoft.co/

| Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoftinterior/

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5.0 rating

Definitely recommended Hoft !
When my hubby and I got the keys to our resales flat,my friend recommended Hoft to us.
We did look for other design firms but Hoft was the first one we went down to their office,which after that,we decided to engage Hoft to help us to renovate the kitchen with a sliding door,living room full height cabinet (behind the door) 2 toilets and master room built-in wardrope.
We met designers Sheldon and Gabriel.They noted down our main concern of a small budget and how we would like the kitchen,toilets,cabinets,wardrope to be like etc
Sheldon and Gabriel had been very professional,explaining the procedures of the renovation,the suggestion of materials used and came up with 3D designs.
They are also flexible in implementing what we wanted into their designs and through discussions,we love one of their designs,simple and yet elegant look.
I shown their designs to my family,friends and colleagues and they praised Hoft for their design.
The Pdd doors are used for toilets.
The built-in wardrope design is simply fantastic,with matching colours to our walls
The wood cabinets with a push on,have a portion of transparents glass push on with displays of collections n trophies.
The kitchen has lower cabinets on left right but not on the top left right,thus looking more spacious.
Through the renovation journey,we had a lot of enquiries yet Hoft was patient and fast to respond,even after office hours.Their professionalism and sincerity scored full marks !
They guided us step by step,informing us,showing us photos of materials to choose from,videos and updated us at every process of the renovation.
We trusted Hoft all the suggestion materials to use cos we knew the results would be beautiful.
The renovation was completed sooner than expected.And we are very happy and satisfied with the design outcome.We love our home designed by them.
We strongly recommended Hoft to everyone.Let them transform the house into idea home to live in !

5.0 rating

The most accommodative, creative, tasteful and detailed design firm ever!
We were introduced through common friends and have seen some of their past works before deciding to meet them at their new office. When we were there, we found that the design of their office itself is already what we visualised for our future home – a modern minimalist design with a chic twist to it. That itself already sealed the deal…
Throughout the whole proposal stage, it was very easy communicating to them. Basically, we showed them what we wanted through images found on Pinterest/ Instagram/ Tumblr and they were very frank about what’s practical and what’s “more for show”. We like how honest they shared their idea and vision. Towards the end, we literally trust them enough to make all the big decisions for us (there were just way too many colours and material, without their guidance it’s like finding a needle in a haystack…). Sheldon and Gabriel were also very attentive when it comes to material selection and the whole renovation process, they were physically there with us whenever we need to make a selection or decision for tiles/floorings/ lightings and even furniture sourcing. We were very grateful and assured at every stage and every decision made.
Prior to meeting them, we have read and heard so many horror stories of IDs (going missing, uncontactable, change of attitude, being more relaxed) at “the renovation stage”, hence we were particularly careful at the beginning. Like most Kiasu Singaporeans, we took time off work to monitor the progress every other week or whenever we can, that’s when we realised Sheldon and Gabriel were very hands on, most times, they (alternately) were actually there with the workers, guiding them and instructing them on the next steps. They also took many pictures and kept us in the loop by sending us periodical updates/ photos and videos. At the beginning of all this, it’s rather funny, they actually gave us 2 options – A: to have a surprise and see the final product as it is, B: to have periodical updates, we chose the latter option. We like their working dynamic and the constant updates they gave, so much so, we actually stopped going down altogether and leaving it in their good hands.
The both of them really made the whole renovation process a fun, interesting and heart-warming one. We were really glad that we chose them. At that point of time, we were juggling with both wedding planning and the renovation, hence, being able to pass this baton to them, knowing we were completely covered was so helpful to us.
Besides the attentiveness and responsive attitude, they are both designers and ones with good taste. I like how creative they were when they designed my Master bedroom’s toilet, the tiles they selected for my balcony, the elongated & backlit mirror they proposed for my dressing room and most impressively the huge two-tier kompacplus table with PowerPoints (super important) and extra space allocated for my wine chiller. All these were art pieces & conversation starters during all the house-warming sessions. We like how they bend rules and accommodate to our tastes. We appreciate that they don’t beat down ideas immediately, but rather discuss with us on how we can best tweak to get what we envisioned but still within budget & limits. They have exceeded our expectations in all ways and were very helpful to us during that super tiring, busy and difficult phase.
Finally, we would really recommend the Hoft team to anyone out there that’s sourcing for a creative and reliable interior designers. 5 Stars Designers!

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