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A Trusted Interior Partner
Ciseern is an Award-Winning Interior Design Company that is appointed the designer for HDB showflat from 2017 to 2023 and have served more than 20,000 homeowners since 1997. For the past 25 years, we have been appointed as the developer for local and overseas showflat as well as celebrity showflat. We have collaborated with COURTS to provide a one-stop home solution for all homeowners to save money and prevent hassle. Our trained designers listen to your requirements and design your most important asset – home. Our services cover personalized design proposals, selection of quality materials, project implementation, purchase of home furnishings, and household merchandise up to handing over. We continue to pamper our customers after handover with our membership programs to give our customers more exclusive savings from our business partners for their home needs.

Over the years, we have delivered our promise and have earned trust from our valued clients & business partners thus becoming a preferred and trusted Interior Designer in Singapore.

Interior Design
We offer interior design services and provide our clients with customized design solutions. From modern spaces to oriental palaces, our expertise helps breathe life into homes in the way homeowners trust.

Turnkey Projects
Most homeowners prefer to leave their homes entirely in our hands. Ciseern takes charge of the entire process to propose and build or propose and renovate.

Design & Build
As a trusted expression partner, Ciseern designs and implements extensive renovations from determining the look of the building to constructing the facade and interiors of landed properties.


| Address: 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #01-37, T-Space, Singapore 528559

| Tel:  6552 0078

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Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 95 reviews)
Very good3%
Rated 5 out of 5
June 13, 2022

We have met 4 IDs before we made the decision. Although Ciseern price is not the cheapest among the 4, we are most comfortable with Zax in terms of his professional expereience and his suggestion. He well understood our needs and provided us with excellent proposals. So we made our decision.
Although there’s little hipcups here and there during the reno, the outcome is good, and Zax, Qingyan and the team r always there to solve the small issues. Big thanks to Zax, Qingyan and ciseern team. We are happy about our choices!

Shirley Zhang
Rated 5 out of 5
April 26, 2022

We are very grateful and pleased with our designer, Cindy! She is very attentive to our needs, and always seeks to offer the best solution with her professional knowledge. She also managed to ensure that the renovation works are completed within a very tight timeline with her meticulous planning – very impressive at a time when many others are citing project delays!
Cindy is amazing – prompt in her replies and gave ideas and genuine thoughts that helped us to save $! We are so glad to have chosen Ciseern (and Cindy) above all other companies to build our dream house!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 18, 2022

Zinc was very responsive and she follows up with us to make sure everything is up to our expectation and working properly. We felt trusted having her to manage the project/ideas and coordinate all the work from carpentry, painting to electrician. She shows her passion in her job.
She knows what we want n our expectation/idea very well. Best of the best our renovation also completed within the time frame which Zinc will make sure all the scheduled works are on track.
She is the type not pushy and have the heart of customer view. We are very happy to know her and will definitely look for her to upgrade my 2 toilets and kitchen which we have mentioned.
We like her professional service and the workmanship’s guarantee (the quality materials used and the warranty provided).
Thanks Zinc and Ciseern for the great job.

Rated 5 out of 5
April 11, 2022

When we decided to renovate our new house, immediately we thought of engaging Colin of Ciseern for a second time. Colin listens and understands our needs and was able to translate our ideas into a realistic plan. He and his partner Julian were responsive and responsible making sure we are satisfied with the progress of the work done. They are a pleasure to work with. Overall, we are very pleased with their service and expertise provided by them. Colin’s design, materials and color scheme are outstanding. It’s another great experience with Colin and Julian. Highly recommended!!

Raymond Leong
Rated 5 out of 5
April 11, 2022

We are glad to have met our ID-Lyee Ann who are passionate about her work, offer practical solutions, very resourceful, very patience with attentive listening. Her project management skill was superb and she always kept up updated with the progress of the work onsite. Despite the challenging environment under COVID-19 and with workers stucked overseas, Lyee Ann managed to pull thru the tight deadline and allowed us to move into our new house on schedule. For that, we would like to thank her for her professional service and her creative work that we currently live in.

Ang Lip Tak
Rated 5 out of 5
April 7, 2022

This is our second time engaging Ciseern to renovate our home. The first time was done back in 2009 and back then we were pleased by the quality and timeliness of the work done. Moving forward to 12 years later in 2021, I tried my luck and contact Joanne Thiang from Ciseern to “try my luck”, hoping that she is still with the company and could repeat the same quality work again for my place.
To our delight, Joanne is still with Ciseern and she got back to us promptly. We had a challenging timeline to meet since wife wanted to have the place ready by Chinese New Year, and there was less than 4 months from us thinking about possibility of renovation to completion. Joanne was very professional yet friendly and we felt comfortable that she was willing to take up our project despite the challenging timeline.
The whole process had not been easy. We were not the easiest to please in terms of getting the concept and design right. It took 3 visits to get the design right and by then there were little time left for the renovation works. We were also faced with challenges that during the renovation, there were last minute requests and amendments required to our design as well as on the workmanship. Joanne took all requests professionally and fulfilled all of them despite having facing workforce crunch on her end as well (it was still COVID-19 period and the workers availability were very limited then). Eventually, the work was completed timely and the end result was very good. Every day I would admire the revamped look of our home and till date I am still glad that the whole process was completely timely, especially knowing that some of my friends faced challenges in renovating their home and had to delay their handover dates.
I would highly recommend Ciseern and if anyone is interested, please contact Joanne and I am sure she is able to accommodate all the challenges presented to her.

Yap Chong How
Rated 5 out of 5
April 2, 2022

We have engaged Anven Foong as our ID for our new BTO flat. This is the best decision we have made as a 1st time BTO owner! We have visited numerous IDs along the way but once we met Anven, we know he will be the one for us! From design conception to 3D, he has understood our needs & ideas very well & is able to accommodate our thoughts into his design. He is very experience & passionate about his work & we can see that he is always 100% committed to whatever he does.
There are minor hiccups along the way where we have to change the design due to some unforeseen circumstances but Anven has never once complain or show any displeasure, instead he is even more involved to accommodate our new requirements & exceed what other IDs may have done.
During the reno process, he always kept us updated with videos or pictures of the jobsite. We are thankful that he handles all these as it really saves us a lot of time & hassle if we are to oversee the reno ourselves. He will always try his best to accommodate our time & helps us in the selection of the lightning & bathroom fixtures.
Overall, the quality of the cabinets are top-notch & our friends & family all have excellent comments on our reno design.
We will definitely engage Anven & Ciseern again in the future but for now we highly recommend Anven to anyone whom would like to have a hassle free reno process with excellent project management & design ideas.
Once again, Thanks to Anven & Ciseern for a job well done & we are truly fortunate to have found them for our reno. We hope Ciseern will value their high-performance ID & ensure they are well taken care of. Great job!

Rated 4 out of 5
March 31, 2022

Zax being our ID for our 3 room bto flat at Bidadari. He is very professional and provide a very detailed layout of the floor plan for us. He is easy going, understand our requirements and adhere to changes that we provided for him. He will listen and give suggestions to us whenever there are problems arise during the renovation. Throughout the renovation process, it was done smoothly and well. The end results we see is very satisfactory. Thumbs up for Zax’s great professional service to us!!

Rated 4 out of 5
March 29, 2022

We came to know of Cindy through a friend who engaged her as an ID as well. Cindy is patient and flexible to changes as we have made several modifications to our design.
While Cindy is attentive to our requirements, occasionally she will provide her inputs and recommendations especially if there is a better way or more cost-effective way of achieving a certain design requirement
As a Project Manager, Cindy provides updates on progress of the renovation and flags out if there are any potential delays, especially given the current pandemic situation.
We find that Cindy is very dedicated and passionate about the work that she does.
Overall, the renovation experience was good, though there were minor hiccups, they were rectified promptly.

Rated 5 out of 5
March 28, 2022

Working with Zinc (ID) from Ciseern was a very good experience for my first home. We trusted Ciseern due to their quality and we were not disappointed, in fact very happy with the end product. Zinc was very prompt to our queries and communicated very well during the whole process which made us assured. She was very patient as we selected our materials and accommodated our multiple changes. What we liked was that she was straightforward on any issues or topic and this ensured that we did not have any surprise charges at the end. One of our requirements was to move in by a certain date and Zinc worked together with us to ensure this was possible. She went over and beyond asking what she could help with to make our home perfect, which was highly appreciated. It was a surprisingly easy and comforting experience working with Zinc and Ciseern and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for an ID for renovations.
Thank you Zinc for the wonderful experience.

Jerome Yew
Rated 5 out of 5
March 17, 2022

We would like to thank our ID, Siew Wee for doing fantastic job in our new kitchen. She was professional, reliable, helpful and patience during the renovation journey with us. Also, she efficiently responded to our queries, issues and concerns. The waterproof boards are good material for bottom sink cabinet. We are extremely satisfied with the carpentry workmanship. I would highly recommend Siew Wee for her professional service and design to my friends and families!
All the workers are helpful and friendly too. Thanks all of them.

Fadly Diana
Rated 5 out of 5
February 4, 2022

We have spent about 2 months finding a good ID. Zax is the best one among all the six IDs we met. Zax is very experienced and easy to communicate with. He well understood our needs and provided us with excellent proposals. Thanks to his rich experience, the complex renovation things become much easier for us. Also, Zax has very good taste, and the colors he recommended for the cabinet and paintings look very beautiful. The work quality is also very good, and they have 25 years warranty for the waterproof plates under the basin. We are lucky to have Zax as our ID. Even in this pandemic, with the shortage of workers, Zax and his team managed to complete the whole project on time and in good quality. This 25-year-old company with a prestigious reputation is a good choice.

Rated 5 out of 5
January 24, 2022

Zax Zeng was my ID for my new HDB flat. I chose him over other IDs as he was the one that stood out amongst the rest. He gave me a quotation and draft plan of the renovation project within 7 days. While other IDs were very laid back. Neither given any quotation within the promised period nor caught up with me soon enough. Knowing that I have to fork out close to 100K in funds for my renovation. So, Responsiveness and Attitude was what I looked for in an ID.
I changed my design several times before the renovation works started. From Scandinavian to Mid Century theme. From one wardrobe design to several different designs. From light toned flooring to a darker one. He just picked up the sudden changes with pride and worked on it.
I regarded him for more than just an ID. No doubt, any renovation project is bound to have hiccups here and there. Whenever any issue arises, even the slightest ones that can be easily solved if I’m willing to get my hands dirty. He’s just a Whatsapp message or call away to get it fixed. He’s a great problem solver in my opinion. Reactive to my queries too.
One would expect some change in attitude and responsiveness from the ID after the handover of the house. But not from Zax. He still maintained the same level of “reactiveness” as before, continuing to deliver the remaining items which were not completed fully or needed adjustments.
In all, the following keywords definitely goes well with Zax.

Rated 5 out of 5
January 4, 2022

Ms. Unice Chong from Ciseern, was extremely helpful and responsible. Was Strongly recommended by my friend and I met her for the first time to discuss about the house and immediately entrusted the designing and construction of the house to her. As someone who is clueless, of how the entire house looks like from just samples given, she went the extra mile to show and draw pictures to illustrate the design. Engaging a designer to me also meant trusting her completely with her choices of material, layout, and design. And I am really glad I went with all her choices, I am extremely satisfied with the interior designing performed by her and the advice given. Thanks Unice… Keep up the good work…

Rated 5 out of 5
January 4, 2022

Shermin has been a wonderful ID to work with especially during this COVID-19 period. During our discussion phase, she listened to our thoughts & ideas, and gave us practical advices on designing our own home. We went for a Scandinavian theme & the final design was exactly what we had in mind & seen in the initial detailed drawing. Shermin followed-up, provided timely updates on the progress & is meticulous in her area of work. Thank you for designing our lovely home!

Vivian Poh
Rated 5 out of 5
January 4, 2022

Shermin has been a wonderful ID to work with especially during this COVID-19 period. During our discussion phase, she listened to our thoughts & ideas, and gave us practical advices on designing our own home. We went for a Scandinavian theme & the final design was exactly what we had in mind & seen in the initial detailed drawing. Shermin followed-up, provided timely updates on the progress & is meticulous in her area of work. Thank you for designing our lovely home!

Vivian Poh
Rated 5 out of 5
January 4, 2022

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Zax for the work he has done for our crib!
It was our first home as well as our first time engaging an interior designer. Prior to that, we had consulted a few other ID firms as renovation was a big project and we were looking for someone whom we can entrust with to build up our crib.
Zax was extremely patient and sincere throughout the whole process. Even when we were done with the renovation, he does not shy away from our queries. We are pleased with his service and level of commitment. There was one instance when he gone above and beyond – drove from one end of Singapore to the other to fulfil something that was not within his job scope. He puts in effort to ensure smooth coordination with our other vendors and we didn’t had to worry about anything as he often does site checks and rectification works were handled smoothly.
A professional who places clients top of his list and his passion about his work puts his up there with other top IDs.
Thank you Zax and Ciseern once again for the wonderful experience and we will definitely recommend you guys to our friends and family!
Have a great new year!


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