Designing A Perfect Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

Farmhouse style has been around for many decades. Brining up nostalgic images of grandparents’ home, the farmhouse look has evolved into a “modern farmhouse.”

A farmhouse inspired interior design fosters comfort and simplicity. Such a house makes everyone feel at home, even to your first-time visitors.


1. Choose Neutral Palettes

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The colours you select play a crucial role in lending the farmhouse look to your abode. You don’t need to go for traditional buttermilk yellows or sage greens. Instead, you can choose a neutral colour palette for a perfect modern design for your farmhouse-inspired space. It will make your home look clean, airy, and totally fresh.

White is the most dominating shade, and you can pair it with earthy shades like browns, tans, and grays. Choose the boldest shade as your accent colour. Finishes also play a big role in farmhouse style. Replace crisp, bright shades with colours that add a vintage or antique feel to your space.


2. Playful Contrast

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To pull a rich and modern farmhouse interior for your home, you should consider mixing low and high, old and new. Modern farmhouse interior replaces old-school country elements with something cool and classic.

Find interesting interior elements and decor accents for your home to add bits of creativity. As shown in this design, the blush pink hue of upholstered chairs in the living room compliments the white and a bit grey interior. Similarly, the wooden storage boxes bring in natural settings indoor. Keep in mind that wood is an integral part of the farmhouse interior style.


3. Add In Unique Fixtures

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From oversized pendant lighting to weathered faucets, there are many beautiful and unique styles you can incorporate to highlight your modern farmhouse design. In your living room, bring charm by using dramatic light fixtures and rustic scones.

If you are on a small budget, you can use your existing fixtures. In this scenario, updating your drawer and cabinets facades will do the job. It is an affordable way to pull the fresh farmhouse interior design.


4. Go For Imperfections

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An ideal modern farmhouse interior is a combination of contemporary minimalistic design and a little bit countryside touches. With this, you will celebrate unique one-offs that are irregular and slightly imperfect.

It will add charm and character to even the simplest of your rooms. Thus, if you have limited space, you can keep imperfect decorative accents petite in scale. It will keep your home from looking overpowering and eyes from unnecessary distractions.


5. Bring In Greenery

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Add flowers and greenery to your home to bring perfection to your space. You can add greenery to literally any room in your home to complement the farmhouse appeal.

You can choose high-quality artificial plants, flowers or branches, and can also go for real ones to bring the outdoors inside. It is, in fact, the basis of the farmhouse style that you must pay attention to.


Wrapping Up

The modern farmhouse interior design is a popular trend these days. You can consider all these ideas to pull a perfect farmhouse style for your home.


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