Designing An Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Elements Of A Greener Cooking Space

How can I make my kitchen eco-friendly? Do you ask?

With increasing environmental and sustainable awareness, ecological architecture takes a position in the interior design industry.

Well, designing an eco-friendly kitchen is a smart move to save money, your resources, and the environment. And, the best part is you don’t have to compromise with your dream kitchen.

You can still own an eco-friendly and trendy kitchen that you have already dreamt of. The only difference is that eco-friendly kitchens reuse biodegradable materials while avoiding the use of containment and harmful gases for health as well as the survival of the planet.

Here are the most important elements to design an eco-friendly kitchen:


1. Contaminant-Free And Eco-Friendly Furniture

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Designing an ecological kitchen doesn’t involve containment and dangerous materials such as chromium, asbestos, lead, mercury, etc.

It involves the use of eco-friendly furniture. It doesn’t have to be necessarily wood. Ecological furniture can be made up of any materials while avoiding loss of the biodiversity and illegal logging of trees.

Alternatively, choose bamboo furniture, which is the most sought-after material in sustainable kitchens. Bamboo furniture offers durability, resistance, and easy maintenance and cleaning.


2. Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Do you know that your fridge accounts for up to 19% of your energy bill?

Energy saving, ecological, and sustainability are closely related concepts.

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Thus, if you are planning to design a dream kitchen while following the ecological architecture principles, choose kitchen appliances that consume low energy.


3. Sustainable Kitchen Cabinets

You can own attractive kitchen cabinets constructed with sustainable materials. There are literally limitless options to do so!

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There are many beautiful options available for many brands that deal in kitchen cabinets.

If you are short at budget, consider the smart, money-saving, and eco-friendly alternative that is cabinet refacing.


4. Green Countertops

The gorgeous green countertop brings beautiful aesthetics combined with optimal health as well as environmental impact.

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On the ecological front, the countertop should be made with repairable, natural ingredients. For visual charm, choose a countertop that keeps around for the long haul.

The greenest kitchen countertops do not require frequent replacement.


5. Botanicals in Kitchen

Household plants serve as a beautiful and sustainable kitchen decor. At the same time, plants inside the kitchen help purify the air and keep it clean as well as fresh.

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Houseplants also increase productivity and morale, which you can get more of in the kitchen with plants.

Choose from English Ivy, Aloe Vera, White Jasmine, etc. You can also own a small herb kitchen just outside your cooking space to have access to the freshest and pure herbs.


6. Eco-Friendly Flooring

For durable, beautiful, and sustainable flooring, go for natural and renewable resources, like cork and linoleum.

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Install cork and linoleum flooring yourself or hire a professional. Choose from an extensive range of colours and patterns that complement the overall interior theme of your kitchen.

More eco-friendly option for ecological kitchen flooring includes concrete and terrazzo floors.

Follow these proven ideas to design an ecological kitchen that will save the environment and provide you with a healthy kitchen space.

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