Divine Dividers: How Separations Of Space Can Revitalize Your Room

Divine Dividers:  How Separations Of Space Can Revitalize Your Room

While there are styles of design which favor flow and openness, such as Scandinavian decor or the more spiritual Feng Shui, there's a certain appeal to division and separation.  This breaking up of space doesn't have to be tall or wide, but to be effective it should be unique.

In this article we'll take a look at dividers and the functional and aesthetic roles they serve, examining the variety of materials, designs, patterns and dimensions that make them so remarkable.

What follows are some of the most beautiful and dynamic dividers you'll ever see, and the reasons behind their attractiveness.

1) Mesmerizing Metals

Divine Dividers (2)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Matrix Interior)

This first example by Matrix Interior reveals the elegance of metal, a substance not many would consider in such terms.  Here, the steel white divider is best appreciated from afar where its complex contours are fully visible in all their glory.

Of course, it would also be gorgeous up close, but at a distance we can see how it blends into the white palette of its surroundings, from the glossy floors to the gleaming cabinets.

2) Bold Attitudes

Divine Dividers (3)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: New Nyew Design)

It's not often we see such a bizarre combination of materials and colours in a bathroom.  Here, the glass panel to our left gives this lavatory a modern vibe, like something you'd find in the men's room at a shopping mall.  Plus, it also helps separate the miniature shower area from the toilet while also contributing a distinct visual look which completely matches the eclectic tone of its environment.

3) Clear As Day

Divine Dividers (4)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab)

The purpose of this glass divider is to add a touch of class without being overstated.  It aims for a low-key approach to keep the room's flow intact, whereas a more colourful partition (like in the previous example) would have disrupted the clean look and cohesion between the kitchen and dining areas.

4) Artful Antiques

Divine Dividers (5)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Distinctidentity)

This chic divider pictured above reminds us of the folding or dressing screens of old.  But what really helps set this example apart is the material: it uses glass for the paneling rather than wood, giving it an industrial feel.

Furthermore, there's really no practical reason to have this screen placed in the sitting room (when it clearly belongs in the bedroom), so it's purpose is more decorative than functional.

But it does make for a wonderful accessory.

5) Perfect Patterns

Divine Dividers (6)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Arc Define)

It's hard to beat this next example by Arc Define.  Just look at the gorgeous metal weaving on the frame, the powerful, almost hypnotic patterns which twist and wind and hold our eyes spellbound.

Although it's aesthetically pleasing and matches the dark-coloured trims present throughout the room, the iron divider also functionally separates one space from another.

6) Classy & Glassy

Divine Dividers (7)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Project File)

Here we see the visual appeal of transparency.  This glass divider works on two levels: first, by allowing us to see right through its surface to the other side, and second, by calling attention to itself with the random black lines which run up and down its body.  The result is subtle yet artful.

7) Beautiful Blends

Divine Dividers (1)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Designscale)

Here we discover the true artistic potential of dividers.  First, its colour matches the room's established palette while its material blends perfectly with the white-brick walls.  It also practically separates one space from another, but isn't so large or wide that it hinders movement from one room to the other.

Beautiful to look at and yet functional—truly the best of both worlds.

So we've seen seven instances of dividers in the home: some were made of metal, glass or wood; some were colourful while others were plain.  But in the end, all of them were unique and appealing in their own way.



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