Do You Know: Luxurious Minimalist Home Can Be Amazing

You may think that minimalism is a home style which emphasize simplicity and aesthetic; however, this home style can be luxurious as well. In fact, it derives its luxury from all the understatement that actually defines this particular style. This uses subtle, soft and neutral tones in a way that makes any space look absolutely grand in a contemporary way.

If you want to add some luxurious vibes to your simple home design, let's check out these few ways to understand a minimalistic concept can be mixed with luxurious vibes as well.


1. The bare minimum

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design

Minimalism is all about getting rid of everything but the bare minimum. In that respect, minimal interiors are usually very sparse in décor. But that doesn’t mean your home cannot seem luxurious. You can always use this point to your advantage and use the most understated furniture and accessories to make a unique and tasteful statement.



2. Stripped down walls

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design

Many designers use walls as their canvas to relay the theme of their design, but this can be especially challenging when you’re working with the concept of minimalism. The most you can do is use some soft, understated wallpapers and large window portals to make the ambience seem interesting but not overdone.



3. Simple & artful lighting

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design

Lighting is one of your biggest plays on design when you’re working on minimalism. Since you cannot go for much decoration, you should opt for creating sunny and dim spaces all throughout your interiors. You can use accent lighting and other beautiful light fixtures to create a warm, cozy ambience that will leech away the starkness of under-decoration.


4. Textures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design

Textures are the most important aspect when you’re trying to emulate a luxurious aesthetic with little to no décor. Minimalism encourages the use of earthy, natural tones combined with a soft, neutral color palate. Therefore, understated wooden textures and beige or white tiles can make for an attractive color palate.



5. Using the floor

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design


Once you start designing your home in a minimalistic fashion, you’ll find that there is very little you can actually do. You can’t mess with the walls or the ceiling – that would make your interior design look overdone. But you can play with the floor – introduce steps, use recessed lighting and different textures – to make the overall ambience a little more diverse, luxurious and interesting.

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