Dream homes to reality!


We at Renopedia strive to help homeowners achieve perfectly tailor made homes within their budgets, lifestyles and needs so homeowners can enjoy seeing their dream homes come to life. We are extremely excited to share some satisfied homeowners who have realized the dream of having a perfect home with our affiliated interior design firms.

Luke & Kat (An Island of Companions)

Different individuals attach different feelings to their homes. For Luke and Kat, a home is all about finding solace and comfort. Luke & Kat wanted a home that celebrates companionship and core values that connect a family. The home interior is filled with earthy tones, beautiful artistic elements and liberating open spaces to provide a sense of natural beauty and wonder. This Dream home would provide Luke & Kat with opportunity to socialize and enjoy their wonderful family. Another successful venture with the help of our interior design associates that made Luke & Kate’s dream home a beautiful reality.

Poles Apart

It is a common saying that opposites attract; In case of Michelle & Derek, our interior design associates were given a challenge, where they had to tie in the different interests and ideas of this power couple. They had used their expertise and creative designing capabilities to create a space that celebrates and unites the varied interest of the couple while providing a family friendly home. The stunning open floor design paired with exceptionally beautiful arrangement created Michelle & Derek’s dream home. You do not have to put your happiness on hold for a price tag.

A relaxing Abode

Home should reflect the desires and ideologies of the tenants. The team from Ideal Design House worked hard to make this amazing family a home that is truly theirs. The interior utilizes a mixture of soft and rejuvenating colors to create a space that is staggeringly beautiful. Beautiful carpentry, stunning arrangement, and liberating floor design are some of the aspects that make this a perfectly affordable and comfortable family home, another Job well done!

A labor of Love

Millennials are absolutely in love with funky and refreshing look of the industrial designs. Elson wanted that powerful raw industrial look in his home accentuated with the comfort of Scandinavian charm. The interior designer from Design Co worked tirelessly to craft a beautiful and exhilarating home the likes of which are rarely seen. This home exudes strength and beauty that perfectly captures the idea and desires of the tenants. The home also features stunning display shelves that let Elson display his impressive Mickey Mouse collection with pride. Another home turned into reality.

No price Tag for happiness

There are thousands of homeowners spread across Singapore who don’t undertake renovation due to high price tags. Our interior design associates take extreme pride in providing our clients with perfect homes without digging holes in their pockets. For Ain & Sham, the designers worked with passion and rigor to transform their family home into a stylish, striking and comfortable abode that they always desired. They undertook this extreme renovation task and came through with shining colors thanks to our talented team and amazing partners. Don’t be bogged down by heavy price tags and get your dream home within your budget, lifestyles and needs