Dreamy Home For Someone Who Enjoy Reading

We believe that every book lover's dreams is to own a home like a library! However, most of the book lovers are not able to achieve this particular dream. Today, we’re going to show you some design tips and secrets that you need to know in order to design a corner for you to enjoy reading alone!


1. Color palate and main aesthetic

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The first thing you should do is understand the focal point; books! They’re the main feature of the overall home design, and you are going to be using them as the major décor of your space. So even for public spaces like living rooms, the main focus is going to be highlighting the book collection. Use a soft, understated color scheme that is going to showcase your book shelves and their designs.



2. Comfort in style

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Book nerds love their nesting spaces so the bedroom should be designed for comfort as well as beauty. You’ll have to make sure that the space is low-ley and casual in ambiance and that the bed is the main feature. Entertainment is also necessary so a media wall can do wonders for comfort as well as design. The overall look has to be a fine blend between relaxing and stylish.




3. Books, books, and a lot of books

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Specially designed for people who enjoy reading, holding places and shelves are needed for collecting unlimited books. A small and personal library or a reading nook definitely excites people who enjoy reading. Make sure all the shelves become the main décor feature while the rest of the space highlights the design of these shelves.




4. Background

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You have to assume that the majority of the space of a book nerd’s home is basically a low-key library. So books are going to be the major backdrop that you work with. So while the backdrop is stylish shelving and book spines, what’s the foreground going to be like? It’s going to be a lot of trendy, comfortable looking furniture. You’ll have to curate pieces that ensure the user is comfortable without compromising on the style.




5. Bedside

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

Small reading nooks across the space are one thing, but there must always be a secondary reading table and working desk next to the bed. It can be compact and tall, or even big and horizontal – it totally depends on the amount of space you have.

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