Drive Out To Kinex For Four Star’s Amazing Mattress Collection

There’s nothing more precious than a good night’s sleep and you can never get it without a good quality and comfortable mattress.

In fact, having the perfect mattress can make a lot of difference when you’re trying to sleep. This is why Four Star Singapore delivers all the best qualities of a mattress in a single masterpiece. Opening their newest Kinex Outlet, the homegrown brand is planning an epic opening sale that would be a dream-come-true for all troubled sleepers!


Best of all? You’ll be able to check out their Detense ArcticSilk series – which is slated to provide the ultimate sleep comfort in any and all conditions! Want to know why you should go for it? Here are a few reasons!


1. Innovative Breathable Technology

Four Star is an internationally recognized company that has always been a leader in mattress innovation. Their Detense ArcticSilk series fits the bill pretty well. Its silk eco-fiber construction is highly breathable and even dissipates the heat from the body. Moreover, its smooth to the touch and helps maintain an ideal body temperature once you lie down on it. This is how it provides the best sleeping experience you’ll ever feel.


2. Anti-static properties

One of the best qualities of the Detense series mattress is that it is anti-static. This means that all the static electricity that builds up in your body is drawn out by the ultra-fine carbon fiber threads in the mattress throughout the night, which results in a well-rested condition in the morning!


3. Wide Choices

Four Star’s Detense ArcticSilk series consists of different models with different price points. All of them have individual features that make them unique in their own right. The Agartha model (10”) is all about reducing stress on the body posture with its 3-zone spring system and high density foam! The Avalon model (11”) comes with a gel-infused memory foam and a soft pillow for optimal comfort. The Atlantis model (14.5”) features a premium duplex sheet for ideal spinal alignment. And the Olympus model (15”) is the most luxurious with its plush top and three-zone spring system!

Like all Four Star products, this series comes with the patented Sanitized Hygiene Technology that protects against bacteria and mould!

Here’s something extra special: there would be a storewide 20% off on the Kinex outlet opening. Plus, you’ll get $1 bed frames with spending of $1500 and above (Selected models only)!

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