Drop Dead Textures

Drop Dead Textures

‘Drop dead gorgeous’ may have become a phrase that defines an entire cultural phenomenon, but it can also be used to redefine any other aspect of life, too. When we talk about interior designing, we’re thinking about enhancing the visual and aesthetic quality of a space through thoughtful integration of colors and materials – these two aspects can make or break any reasonable interior design, and knowing how to bend the contrast to your will is a defining characteristic of any reasonable interior designer. Even the smallest of spaces can be manipulated to seem like airy atriums if you know how to mesh the right blend of light, use the right colors and materials. Now textures are an inherent and integral part of the material come color palate – they define the character of any room, and give it a certain panache without which, a space can otherwise seem flat. So knowing how to imbue the right textures is also an important part of defining the interior aesthetic. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at a few interiors that have done justice to their texture palate.

Of Ashwood and Dull Greys

This interior takes on a stereotypically dull theme and manages to portray it as an elegantly designed outlook. The material palate is in semi – if not complete – contrast with the wall color scheme, but together, these two combine a juxtaposing texture that is just the right amount of modern chic.

Drop Dead Textures (2)
Interior Design
Home Renovation Image Source: Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

Of Dull Beige and Rustic Browns

While a semi rustic semi modern theme may not sound like such a bad idea these days, this interior depicts how to balance out the organic and the contemporary features of such a type of interior. The wooden texture application is just the right amount to counter the transitional vibe of the beige.

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Interior Design
Home Renovation Image Source: Urban Design House Pte Ltd

Of Backsplash and Mosaics

Back splashing can be a fun endeavor, but you need to select the most complementary contrasting themes in the mosaic formation in order for it to work. If you take a look at the interior below, you’d notice how the brown scape of the back splash complements the white of the rest of the scheme.

Drop Dead Textures (4)

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Ecoplex Design Pte Ltd

Of Modern yet Rich

This interior has a distinctly classical appeal, and yet every line in its design drips with a modern vibe – the classy tray ceiling in circular fashion, the grey draped headboard and the use of modern materials is enhanced by a layer of rich, fabric overlay that is completely classic.

Drop Dead Textures (5)

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Ecoplex Design Pte Ltd

Of Texture Boards and Lighting

Chalkboards are industrial medieval, so this design takes it up a notch by designing a digital backlit one – the effect is only half the same, the other half being a contemporary sibling to its industrial counterpart – which is not to say that it looks bad; it looks distinctly classy.

Drop Dead Textures (1)

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

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