Easy home décor ideas for those who want to live a minimal lifestyle

A freshly clean, uncluttered space has such a refreshing effect on one’s mood, which is why the minimalist lifestyle is gaining so much traction with Singaporeans these days. Sticking to the basics and doing away with whatever you’ve been hoarding in your wardrobe is just as essential as a daily workout. But that does not mean that you have to compromise on the aesthetics of your home to achieve the pinnacle of this lifestyle. So today, we’ll be sharing some easy home décor ideas for those who want to live a minimal lifestyle. Let’s take a look:


1. Stick to the essentials

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Here’s the thing – while picking out furniture, you should always stick to the essentials. Not only do you have to ensure that whatever you’re getting is strictly rid of all frou-frou accoutrements and extra design elements, you also need to make sure that you don’t go overboard. For example, many people buy ottomans and end-tables to complement their couches when in reality they really don’t need them. All you need is a couch and a coffee table to make this set-up work.


 2. Kick out the design elements

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The basics of minimalism dictate that you never need any overdesigning to make your space seem welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. So whenever you’re refurbishing your home interiors according to this particular aesthetic, kick out all the extra design elements and stick to the basic. Go for a simple media console, plain furniture and ergonomic window coverings, and you’ll be good to go.


 3. Be as understated as possible

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Minimalism is all about embracing the neutrals. While many people consider this particular palate to be boring, it’s anything but. There’s nothing more refreshing than a crisp while base coat with warm wooden undertones to bring out the best in your spaces in the most understated way possible. You can also use greige, tans, numerous shades of brown to achieve this effect.


 4. Three dimensional plain

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Any space is made of three dimensions – the walls, the floor and the ceiling. While you can get slightly creative with the furniture, you need to ensure that all the three surfaces are as plain as possible. Only with the help of a blank canvas can you maintain a true minimalistic aesthetic, and only if the backdrop is plain can you experiment with your neutral palate.

 5. Choose quality over quantity

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The best part about living the minimal life is that you can choose quality over quantity. Since you’re decorating your home with the barest necessities, you can pick stuff that offers qualitative value instead of going for inexpensive things to keep your budget in check.


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