Easy Storage Method – 5 Amazing & Trendy Shelves You Must Have

Speaking of an easy storage method, there are many options for us to choose from these days. Even wall-mount shelves and credenza are getting old in design, so what’s the latest trend?

Ladder style storage shelving units along with hip storage drawers are a pretty hot trend these days. They have a unique design that is very casual. You can set these up in your bedrooms, closets or even put them up in a formal area like the living room. Ezbuy features a large collection of trendy shelves at affordable prices. Let’s look at 5 of the most amazing and trendy shelves they have to offer.



1. The Multi-layer Light Wood Shelf

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This multi-layer light wood ladder style shelf is a brilliant idea. It has a casual and trendy design that will look absolutely gorgeous in all homes. You can set it up in your bedroom and closet and use it to hang your everyday use items like clothes, shoes and even accessories. It is a very useful piece of furniture to have in your homes; not only is it excellent for casual storage, but is also very sturdy to boot.



2. The Multilayer Solid Wood Shelf

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Ezbuy

This multi-tiered shelf is very delicate looking in design, but it can hold its own when it comes to bearing a lot of load. You can decorate it with books, photo frames and decorative baubles of all sorts. Its universal design can definitely make everything look great. Its simple design can look gorgeous in any setting but living rooms would be the preferred choice to showcase its beauty the best.




3. The Simple Coat Rack

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Simple but very efficient in design, the creative coat rack offers floor to ceiling wooden handers in the form of a ladder design. Its minimal design is a brilliant take on the conventional coat racks. You can also use it to hang your scarves or even clothes. So the perfect place for this stand would either be your bedroom, closet or even the foyer while you’re entertaining a lot of guests on a formal occasion.




4. The Multipurpose Shelf

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The multipurpose shelf features a two-tier design that has solid wood hangers and a tall coat-rack attached at one side. It comes with small wheels that make it a portable accessory. It is the perfect shelf to have in your bedroom – you’ll never have to organize your day-to-day wardrobe in a messy way again!




5. The Supply Drawer Storage Combo

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The Supply Drawer combo storage cabinets are the perfect alternative to the chest of drawers everyone used to have in their homes once upon a time. These are modern, fashionable and perfect for sorting your things. The best part of the Supply Drawer combo is that it makes organizing your clutter super easy!


Now you can buy all of these amazing storage shelves and racks at affordable prices in Ezbuy.sg! So what are you waiting for?

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