Easywalker Disney Buggy – And We Live Happily Ever After

Rene Floore who is the founder of Easywalker, aims to create an easier lifestyle for new parents by introducing a whole new set of rules when it comes to parent-children relationships. Floore’s philosophy is to deliver products which is epitome of simple, elegance and comfort. This is why Easywalker is able to attract a lot of customers.

As new parents, it is time for you to know Easywalker products which are great in quality and comfortable enough for toddlers. If you are a fan of Mickey, then this stylish Disney Buggy is the one you are waiting for!

Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore

In this post, we are going to showcase the perks and unique characteristic of Disney Buggy, let’s go!



1. Creative Outlook

Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore

Walt Disney created amazing animation such as Mickey, and it does leave great memories for various generations. The creatively inspired stories are the inspiration for Easywalker’s Disney Buggy. Hence, as we can see the design and creation of this stroller can be truly imaginative and creative.  Easywalker used quality fabrics adorned with Mickey Mouse design for an unmistakable style signature.



2. The ‘Mickey Mouse’ Interpretations



Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore

Hold your breath, Mickey fans! The Disney Buggy collection features four beautiful designs such as Disney Buggy Mickey Diamond, Mickey Ornament, Mickey Original and Mickey Micro.

For instance, the Disney Buggy Mickey Diamond, which features images of Mickey Mouse everywhere – from the inside of the shade to even the shoulder straps. Meanwhile, Mickey Micro is more subtle and abstract in design, and features an overall Mickey-like silhouette. It comes in blue and white alternating tones that highlight the Mickey Mouse prints on the fabric.


3. Truly Comfort

Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore

Disney Buggy collection is obviously trendy and stylish, it also features excellent ergonomics. This means your child is able to feel truly comfortable when they sit inside the stroller as it comes with a quilted seat that can be adjusted into four positions. Furthermore, the backrest can be laid all the way down for better sleeping posture for the children. Meanwhile, it is easy to carry around. Last but not least, this collection is created according to the best safety standards with a 5-point belt to strap your baby in!

The Disney design by Easywalker is a little different from what is commonly seen in the market. Unlike the general and usual kiddy design, the modern Disney Buggy can be truly stylish and comfortable for your baby. Disney Buggy is really designed for you if you are looking for strollers which fulfil these criteria!

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