Elegance in High Efficiency & Sustainability

Elegance in High Efficiency & Sustainability

The productivity of a ceiling fan, particularly in a moderate temperature like Singapore, can affect the electrical bill. You can spare a considerable measure of cash by installing high resistance ceiling fans to required spaces, these fans will consume less energy than Air conditioning appliances.

Effectiveness in ceiling fans is measured by the wind stream created per wattage of force devoured. This is measured in 'm3/h/W' (cubic meters every hour per watt). Kaze Fans are incredible in helping to cut down your electricity bill with its high resistance technology and advanced machinery inside. Now you can have both LED and Plain faced Kaze Fans in 3 blades for your space.

Add these essential 3 bladed Kaze Fan will make your space even more special and comfortable for a modern lifestyle.

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This Jet Black 3 bladed Kaze Fans matches perfectly for any interior spaces.  You will definitely feel like to have Kaze Fans in every room due to its high quality with low energy consumption. Be sure to have this in your home and experience the cool windiness in hot climatic countries.

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White is always a neutral colour for any home and space due to its fair shade it can be used at any place. This high quality and high resistant Kaze Fans have something really fascinating to make its place within your apartment if you want your electricity bill to effectively scale down.

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What's good about this Kaze Fan? Well, this fan not only has 3 blades and stainless steel head over it, and it’s also available with LED Light Functions, just like a 3 in 1. You can do your reposing reading while sitting right under Kaze Fan for utmost comfort.

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With the iSense smartness technology found from every Kaze Fans, the system automatically recognizes the amount of blades installed and constitutionally detect the range of minimum and maximum speed of the fan’s operation. Not just that, you can now enjoy this fan at 2 different directions namely, forward and reverse mode, which either make the space warmer or cooler subjectively catered to different weather in the country.



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