Elevate Your Kitchen Designs With Awesome Excel Hardware Products

People are so immersed in the aesthetics – cabinet designs, countertop selections, lighting – that they forget that the kitchen is first and foremost an ergonomic space, and they need to focus on the hardware selection to make the most of it. Let’s check these awesome Excel Hardware products that you can use to upgrade your kitchen functionality as well as aesthetics!





1. Excel-Rufino 2-Tier Multipurpose Slimline Slab Pullout Kitchenware Basket

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Featuring 2-tiers, this product is perfect when you want to keep all your long-necked bottles organized with the smaller jars. The Excel-Rufino 2-Tier Multipurpose Slimline Slab Pullout Kitchenware Basket is absolutely unique, sturdy and easy to assemble. There’s a significant distance between the top and bottom tiers, which has been deliberately designed to accommodate the storage of long-necked bottles and other tall objects in the kitchen. Constructed from industrial grade stainless steel, it’s a product that is as long-lasting as it is ergonomic. Installed with a soft-close, noise dampening pullout system, it’s perfect for keeping all your kitchen essentials within handy reach.




2. Excel-Orietto 4-Sided Pullout Slimline Slabs


Want to organize all your drawers in the most efficient manner possible? Well, the Excel-Orietto 4-Sided Pullout Slimline Slabs is the perfect hardware to do the job. From plates, bowls and chopsticks, you can easily and efficiently store everything inside of it. It consists of a smart slimline slab storage unit with 2 slabs on either side with a central divider for support.

The protective brackets on each slab make sure that all items remain intact within the unit. You can be sure of the holding capacity and load bearing of these shelves because they’ve been subject to stringent testing and ensure adequate reliability.

The sleek, sophisticated aesthetics of this product are complemented by the easy assemblage and dismantling of its features. Moreover, the pullout system features a noise dampening technology, which ensure the utmost quietude. This is a great kitchen design product for everyone who’s looking for an amazing blend of style and pragmatics.




3. Excel-Betrando Magic Slimline Slab Pullout System

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

If your kitchen is suffering from the ‘Space Shortage Syndrome’ then the Excel-Betrando Magic Slimline Slab Pullout System would be perfect for you. It can be installed easily – especially those pesky, un-useable cabinet corners. It sits flush within deep cabinets and can be easily pulled out. Meanwhile, you can slide the system inside and close the door after. It consists of a handy pullout system with 4 trays in a 2+2 configuration on either side of a central support. You can easily store and stack a number of kitchen utensils on each basket as the slab structure is designed with a protective guard and is made from high quality industrial grade steel which wouldn’t buckle under pressure. This product is highly easy to maintain and is also rust-resistant.




4. Excel-Panfilo Multipurpose Pullout Slimline Slab

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The kitchen always constitutes of some pretty random assortments of utensils, that you might not always know how to categorize. With Excel-Panfino’s Multipurpose Pullout Slimline Slab, you can now organize all of these miscellaneous objects in a single space. It’s a soft-closing pullout wire basket with a number of compartments that vary in depth and usability.

Each basket is off a specific dimension so you can easily organize all of your daily use kitchen utensil assortments and keep everything within easy reach. You can easily stack plates, pans, bottles, knives, chopsticks, spoons and more all in a single place. It’s efficient and ergonomic, and the wire dividers keep the items from chafing against each other. Made of industrial grade stainless steel, it’s a commercial-kitchen hardware but can be easily installed in residential kitchens as well.

Excel Hardware has always strived to deliver the best to their customers, and their collection consists of products that can make all walks of life easier. You can visit their showroom to check out more products!

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