Embrace yourself in luxury with these 6 Astonishing Scandinavian homes!

Scandinavian apartments are undoubtedly among the most wanted apartments where people seek to spend their days. This is understandable too, as Scandinavian places are rich with all kinds of comfort and thus, they significantly improve the life quality of the inhabitants. Also, the aesthetic values are a major component of the designing process. Here you will find 6 such places that use diverse and vivid Scandinavian details to present you a luxurious interior:

1: A Scandinavian Concept


(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design Pte Ltd)

A trademark Scandinavian place this apartment is! Just have a look at how efficiently the colours are organized and stacked around each other over here. The placement of blue elements, especially the sofa, is excellent too against the lighter background shades.

2: Airy and Bright

edge interior 2 edgeinterior

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Edge Interior)

Edge Interior has managed to make use of key Scandinavian elements for this piece to bring out a smooth and antique touch to this apartment. Be it the furniture, the chandeliers, or the natural wooden textures, all of them are used extensively over here to create a warm and comforting place where you are always welcome.

3: Add Drama to Living Space


(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Voila)

Scandinavian places often rely on heavy minimalism for the interiors and this apartment is no different. As if to drive the point home, white is used as the major background colour that pervades throughout this home. This has worked perfectly against wooden additions, producing a striking and rich contrast to lend an energetic tone for this apartment.

4: Adding Some Coziness

meter square meter square2

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Meter Square Pte Ltd)

The name itself suggests the basic traits of the apartment here. It is obviously cozy, which comes from the use of spectacular wooden details throughout the place. Tons of empty space is available here and is highlighted when the natural light enters through the vast Scandinavian windows. Artificial lighting is also used to good effect to refresh your mood and make you feel at home.

5: A Winning Combination

meter square2 meter cube

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Meter Cube)

Simple and innovative features have turned this apartment into the perfect living space.The place has a calm and mature vibe, again from its generous use of wooden undertones. The other major colours here are varying shades of gray and white which highlight the simple geometry of this apartment. This also helps in drawing attention to the design elements which are easily contrasted because of their earthy tone.

6: Beautiful Wood Finish:

thom thom2

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Thom Signature)

Just one look at the pictures and it obvious that the place is heavily inspired from the snow and forests of the Scandinavia. Like all the above entries, natural colours find their way here as well. Despite the modern design, this is a truly Scandinavian apartment as it largely relies on its green and brown elements to produce an interior that provides a serene appeal.

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