Emulating the Islamic style in a Singaporean home

Singapore is a multi-racial country and is always welcoming. Therefore, you can see a lot of different cultures and thoughts mixed in both its architecture and interior design. Today we’ll be looking at a contemporary Islamic style home interior, and what are the major characteristics and design elements that can be used to emulate it. Let’s take a look:


1. Artwork

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More than anything else, artwork is what makes the Islamic style very prominent in an interior design. It is a very specific genre. There are never any living objects in such paintings or digital art – both human or animal. There are, however, inanimate objects and large use of calligraphy – words from Urdu and Arabic language written in stylistic formats. These make a wonderful and instant impression when you’re trying to create an Islamic style ambiance.


2. Contemporary geometry

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Geometry is one of the main features of the Islamic style. There are hundreds of examples of intricate, repetitive geometry used in Islamic architecture all over the world. However, interpreting it in a contemporary Islamic style interior design can be a little challenging. You can use modern elements like wallpapers, wall tiles, carpets, wall panels and even floor tiles to introduce a little geometry in your homes.


3. Visual balance

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One thing that always stands out about the Islamic style is the symmetry. The careful visual balance of all elements is an integral part of such designs. However, in a contemporary setting, you can make it a little unique. Instead of being repetitive with design elements, you can use colours and materials to create an ambiance that is visually balanced.


4. Plainness

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There are usually very few frou-frou accessorizing in an Islamic style interior design. Typically, statement artwork and rococo style gilt-edged mirrors are used to evoke this aesthetic. However, you can go the extra mile by being playing with a lot of lighting and using furniture as the focal point. Otherwise, it is very simple and plain.


5. Jewel coloured accents

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Cozy Ideas

An ode to décor in the Islamic style is always paid with jewel-toned accents. In a backdrop of an otherwise plain and neutral-hued interior design, using some fresh, bright colours in splashes can lend an aura of playfulness to the whole space.


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