Enhance your home with the First Ever Bamboo Charcoal Flooring in Singapore


Flooring is a fundamental component of every home as it needs to hold its aesthetics yet be sturdy enough to handle the day to day trampling for years to come. With their subtle voice, flooring can easily enhance the current statement of your home according to your inclinations and needs.

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Flooring reinvents homes to be more inspiring and soothing but many people fail to pay any particular attention to the floor and that results in a subpar design for their interior and that should not be the case. A home is the place where you rest and rejuvenate well after a hard day’s work and it should be packed with all the comforts that one could imagine.

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With so many options out there in the market, there are certainly many considerations while choosing it; do you want it to be smooth or patterned, matt or glossy, or if you want to be eco-friendly with your choice. All of these things have a lot of impact on how your space ends up looking.

Sustainable flooring options are a popular trend these days because people want to do their part in saving the earth. Well, if you’re looking for a great option in this category, then check out BamcoFlor’s Bamboo Charcoal Flooring!

Featuring the newest technology, their flooring is made from natural bamboo and charcoal powder, which not only makes it safe for the environment but also healthy for your homes!

It’s also incredibly durable and available in many different finishes, so that you can easily find a texture that matches your interior design theme.

With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, the professionals who founded BamcoFlor understand the design-material pathology and what society needs. According to them, flooring is the foundation of any room, so the Bamboo Charcoal Flooring features the best of all worlds. Presently, there are many other bamboo charcoal products in the market – such as combs, toothbrushes, shampoos etc. The best part is, BamcoFlor has cleverly tapped into its benefits to produce flooring. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this new product:


1. Benefits

There are more than 20 advantages that you can benefit from by choosing BamcoFlor’s Bamboo Charcoal Flooring, and here are the best ones to inspire you:

  • Tough & Durable: It can withstand heavy-duty traffic while maintaining its awesome aesthetics. It has a long life-span and is extremely sturdy. It is also resistant to a number of general floor hazards such as termites, chemicals, water, and even fire. This results in incredible longevity in quality.

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  • Slip & Scratch Resistant: Since this flooring system is slip resistant, it’s good for people of all ages – be it young or old. If you’ve got pets, heavy furniture, or naughty kids, then worry not – BamcoFlor’s got your back. Its scratch resistance makes it pet, furniture, and toddler safe!

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  • Eco-friendly: This flooring system is made from all-natural products and has zero industrial waste, so you’ll be investing in the most carbon-neutral and eco-friendly choice. Moreover, it’s better than conventional hardwood because solid wood is a precious and slowly depleting source. Whereas it takes only a fraction of the time for bamboo to fully grow. It matures and can be harvested in 4 years, which makes its renewal relatively easier.

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  • Click System: The best part is that it features an easy to install click installation. This cutting-edge technology makes it seamless to fit onto your floors. There are also other mainstream flooring systems such as vinyl which are using this technology in their installation, and BamcoFlor was inspired by the minimal waste and easy installation process too.


2. Singapore Green Building Product (SGBC)

BamcoFlor’s Bamboo Charcoal Flooring system is the best means for sustainable living. It’s a product from builders to builders – a way of living the right way. Adhering to the highest safety standards, BamcoFlor is E1 certified and compatible. Its seamless installation process results in minimal waste.

There are literally zero toxic emissions and by-products in the manufacturing of this material, so you can rest assured of its eco-friendliness. Moreover, it is rated as a green building material by the Singapore Green Building Council!

Image Source: BamcoFlor, Singapore Green Build Council


3. 3 Layers Composite

The 3 layers of this flooring system are designed for utmost durability while delivering great aesthetics.

  • Top: Its outermost layer makes up the surface and is 100% waterproof, moisture resistant, slip resistant, chemical resistant, and has a commercially rated 0.5mm thickness.


  • Middle: The center layer is embedded with the actual floor pattern. Its natural look features a wide selection of wood and stone designs, so you can pick your choice.


  • Bottom: The bottom layer is a patented Bicolor technology and is made from their exclusive composite of charcoal and calcium. It is resistant against termites and fire, is non-toxic, and fully recyclable! All of these layers are fused by a state-of-the-art heat compression technology.

Image Source: BamcoFlor

Why contemplate further when it comes to flooring? You can have the best of all worlds with Bacolod’s Bamboo Charcoal Flooring! If you’re interested, you can find more information here.

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