Every Parents MUST Know: Easy Ways To Keep Your Stroller For The Baby NO.2

Although Peg Perego S.p.A. has been certified by the ISO 9001 which shows that these products meet and exceed the toughest safety tests in the world, we still need to keep our stroller clean and in good condition.

We know everyone is busy; thus, we prefer to read short and useful articles. We hear you! Here are some basic instructions and simple ways for every parent to follow. Let’s keep our strollers to our baby number two!


1) Maintenance

Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore

Please keep your stroller in the shade. Strollers, car seats and carrycots must be stored in dry places (but it does not include basements).

Do take note that strollers, prams and car seats must be kept away from the rain, snow, water, etc. If you enjoy going out with your child; you have to know the exposure to sunlight should be avoided.


2) Cleaning the chassis

Your child’s stroller is same as your favourite car; thus, maintenance activity must be performed regularly and adequately.

Dust, mud and sand are the worst enemies of moving parts (the adjustment system, connection system, the wheels); thus, it is essential to keep the moving parts clean because they can seriously affect the mechanisms that ensure your stroller and pram work. Use light oil if necessary.

The plastic parts must be washed frequently with a damp cloth. Take note that do not use solvents or similar products. If you were caught in the rain, please dry the chassis. The metal parts must be kept dry to avoid rust.


3) Cleaning the raincover

To clean the raincover, you can simply sponge it down with soapy water. Remember do not use detergents, and please make sure it is dry before folding it and putting it away.


4) Cleaning the fabric

Image Source: Baby's Hyperstore 

We know the stroller is extremely astonishing as it is made of amazingly comfortable and durable fabrics. Frankly, it takes endless effort to keep the seat of a stroller clean. This is why the pain is real when ice-cream, jam or fruit juices, etc. is dropped on the seat of a stroller!

Do remember that the detachable fabric elements must be hand washed in water which is not hotter than 30 degrees centigrade. Meanwhile, the fabric parts must be brushed to remove dust and other waste.

Take note that there are several “Do not” for this part:

  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not wring or dry in a tumble dryer.
  • Do not use bleach or other bleaching agents.

Lastly, if you have any questions about the clean and maintenance of the products, please call 800147414 for free.

It is extremely worthy to call and learn something from the professional customer service support! To keep the stroller for baby number 2 or 3 or 4? It highly counts on you!

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